10 Minority Fashion Bloggers You Need Gracing your Timeline

Posting a black square a few months back, caused a movement in which the social media space was not exempt. Creators and influencers alike were holding the fashion industry and consumers accountable for proper representation of minorities in the industry. Hence the hashtag #diversifyyourfeed emerged, started by stylist Zeena Shah, which encouraged people to broaden their consumption of content from the sea of white, to include more voices of color. One good outcome; an industry that pathologically fell short in diversity is now making strides to amplify and share our stories. Now we are seeing more bloggers of color with innovative and creative perspectives getting the overdue love they deserve.

Lets be honest; we didn’t need a black square to validate the high fashion sense and trendsetting dope content these ladies grace our timelines with daily. From luxury to street to eclectic, there are countless swoon worthy feeds that deserve a follow. In no particular order, here are just a few more creatives your feed may be missing. Scroll down for loads of style inspiration from bloggers you need on your timeline. Give them a follow, not to be performative, but because their undeniable sense of style is changing the game one post at a time.


1) Ellie Delphine

Instagram @slipintostyle

Parisian influencer and stylist, her style is so on point. She gives an effortless quirky and colorful vibe. Her eclectic sense of style filled with bold colors and patterns will leave you scrolling for more. She gives a glamorous approach that just may have her eating pizza in a full blown ball gown. Her shoe collection is also envious; she sure could give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money.



2) LaNatria Renee’ Brackett Ellis

Instagram @caribbean_cowgirl

Fashion blogger LaNatria Brackett Ellis is definitely worth two follows. Her fun, bold and infectious personality shines through each one of her inspiring visuals. Captured by her photographer and also hubby Tim Ellis, (a.k.a Craig) her inspiring feed is filled with colorful and impactful fashion images which really tell a story. If you don’t follow for the fly fashion, most from her own boutique shopcaribbeancowgirl, then follow for the hilarious commentary she provides in her stories. You’ll gain insight on all the behind the scenes and get to meet all of the alter egos that is the funny and fly caribbean cowgirl.

3) Marche Robinson

Instagram @marcherobinson

Attorney by day and style, beauty and travel blogger the rest of times. If you are looking for fashion mixed with the funny then her feed is the place to be. She creatively intertwines fashion sense with hilarious reels and videos. Sometimes you may think you’ve been transported from Instagram to a SNL skit. There’s no lack of fashion or funnies here.

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5 years ago, I read an article entitled “The Tail End” after someone shared it on Facebook. The author laid out the human lifespan (in this case, a 90-year-old human life) visually. He then had the idea to illustrate the same life span but instead of measuring in weeks or days, he chose events like the Super Bowl, the presidential election, trips to the beach, etc. He said that while he was laying out these events, he started to think about those events that occur with less consistency and sometimes less frequency, like how many times we may see our loved ones. For many of us, as we get older, the time we spend with our loved ones decreases drastically. We often times go from seeing our families daily to going off to college, moving away and living on our own. After laying out how many times one may see their family during the 90 year lifespan, the author concluded that many of us have used around 90% of those days already. The article lists three lessons we can take from this: (1) living in the same place as the people you love matters – the closer you are the more time you can spend with each other (2) priorities matter – you have to prioritize time with your family and friends and (3) quality time matters – since we have less time we have to be fully present and make it count. During this time when we are isolating and social distancing, I thought it was timely to share this with you all because everyday (even in isolation) counts! Even if it’s a zoom call, a FaceTime or a phone call, make sure you take the time to connect. I’m sharing the article in my stories and will save in my highlights! ✨

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4) Monroe Steele

instagram @monroesteele

What is there to be said about blogger Monroe Steele. She’s a jack of all trades with consistent blog posts, ebooks, youtube videos and instastories to compliment. Past model, her feed gives off so much modern, high end sophisticated swag accompanied with relatability. You definitely won’t be bored. She also just launched her own capsule collection in collaboration with designer Sonjia Williams @somethingbysonja, which definitely embodies her great style. Follow her over on Fashionsteelenyc.


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Every affordable Trench Coat, Fedora and White Boot to Buy This Fall just hit the blog! I even broke out all 3 of mine with this look! SAVE & SHARE this post for Fall Outfit Inspiration (and so you don’t forget it) 🤎 CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO FOR THE FULL BLOG POST. ALL OUTFIT DETAILS ARE LOCATED IN THIS BLOG POST. 💙 Don’t sleep because most of these trench coats and white boots are under $120 and on sale! Oh and thanks for all the love on yesterday’s designer Fall Haul video! If you watched you’ve already seen this trench coat, hat and new @jacquemus dress! 🤍 P.S. why is this look giving me Carmen San Diego vibes….LOL. P.S.S. No nips were exposed in the shooting of this content but zoom in anyway. PC @dadouchic

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5) Jessica Wang

instagram @jessicawang

Chic style and swoon worthy editorial like photos. A scroll down her feed and you may think your flipping through the pages of Vogue. She could very well be dressed in fabulous frocks by the names of Versace and Fendi. Not only does she school us in the fashion game and catchy captions; but she gives helpful photography tips you can do with only your Iphone.


6) Makeda 

 Instagram @Glamazondiaries

Originally form Ghana, Brooklyn based fashion and foodie, Makeda is a style curator for every body. She rocks a hat like no other and mixes colors and prints beautifully. If you’re looking for colorful, whimsy then follow this fashionable lady. Makeda is not afraid to make a statement; every outfit is fun yet sophisticated. Check her out over at

7) Soraya de Carvalho

Instagram @styleismything

If your looking for all out glamour, Soraya de Carvalho is going to give you just that. She exudes luxury from every breathtaking outfit adorned with designer up to her luxurious locs. If you don’t come there for the fashion, there’s always the hair. follow for over the top drama, I’m talking full couture gown in the kitchen. You’ll ever be disappointed with her elevated, keen execution of every look.

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8) Nifesimi Akingbe

Instagram @nifeakingbe

Fashion enthusiast and foodie, Nifesimi is hard not to love. She has a camelion of a style rocking gorgeous braids one photo to a short pink cropped do in the next. Find lots of color through her clothing and fab birthday decor. You may catch a few adorable mommy and me matching moments with fashionable daughter. She also makes her cameos in her style videos.

9) Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard

Instagram @rantinreview

Im totally a sucker for color, but Ranti sometimes makes me want to change my wardrobe to strictly black and white. She takes a classic color combo and exudes a minimalist chic style all her own. You may find an occasional dose of color sprinkled here and there, but enviable black and white wardrobe is never dull.  Follow for her gorgeously cohesive feed filled with crisp images. Check out her blog at rantinreview.

9) Nekiah Torres

Instagram @Reztothecity


Dallas based blogger Nekiah gives us our daily dose of fabulousness through her mirror selfies. Representing the plus size, she combines trendy fashion and bold makeup looks to light up our feed. No one can rock a white or turquoise blue lip color quite like her; and make it look oh so chic. Follow her for colorful looks you’ll definitely want to save to folder.


Anum Bashir

Instagram @desertmannequin

Creative director for N-Du Official, Anum is a consultant, designer and blogger. Follow her for her relaxed yet editorial style that comes off so fashionably effortless. And no one puts her style into better words than the muse herself. Check out her blog Desert Mannequin where she dishes on the latest trends and writes style features on fashionable people you need to know about.

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