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10 Horror Movies to Watch in October

As if 2020 wasn’t scary enough, the Presidential Debate topped the list as the most horrific thing to watch (I know I couldn’t sleep for days) during a pandemic and a record-breaking year of catastrophic events.

While we were still reeling from the shock of its absurdity, the highly anticipated, Presidential Debate: The Sequel has been cancelled, creating a significant void in the insidiousness we’ve come to expect.

Below is a list of horror movies to watch until our world has returned to something resembling normalcy on November 3rd.

  • Antebellum The producers of Get Out and Us unnerve us with their latest reality-gone-wrong thriller, starring Janelle Monae as a writer who finds herself as a slave on a cotton plantation in the 1850’s. The scariest thing about it is the believability in its possibility.


  • The Invisible Man Elizabeth Moss and Aldis Hodge star in this thrill ride stalker flick. The film’s tagline, What You Can’t See Can Hurt You, is the theme and a surprising spiritual revelation—the most difficult enemy to fight is the one we can’t see.


  • Monsterland This 8-part anthology series, streaming on Hulu, has it all—monsters, mayhem and the macabre. While each episode tells a different story, the connecting thread is the dark truth that sometimes the scariest monsters live in our minds and imaginations.


  • The Hunt Streaming on Amazon Prime, The Hunt is exactly what the title suggests and so much more. With a myriad of plot twists, conspiracy theories and third world abductions, it’s terrifying to know you can’t trust anyone.


  • Get Out. Jordan Peele’s game-changing first foray into the horror genre garnered him an Oscar for Best Screenplay in 2017. Then newcomer Daniel Kaluuya gave an Oscar nominated performance as a naïve Black man who mistakenly picks the wrong white girl to date.

Get Out Us

  • Us. The 2019 follow up to Get Out stars Lupita Nyong’o. Jordan Peele examines the disturbing urban legend that there’s an underworld of shadow people waiting to replace us.


  • The Intruder. A 2019 psychological thriller starring Michael Ealy and Meagan Goode as a happily married couple who purchase their dream home and are stalked by the seller.


  • The Conjuring. Based on real life accounts of paranormal investigators who chronicled the haunting of a Rhode Island family in their newly purchased farmhouse. If you’re brave, there are seven sequels to the Conjuring franchise.


  • The Omen. A classic that stands the test of time. The Omen and it’s two sequels tell the chilling tale of the antichrist’s rise to fame and fortune.


  • Fantasy Island. This 2020 film is a sinister replica of the television series of the same name. A tropical paradise where all your wildest dreams become nightmares, exemplifying the admonition, be careful what you wish for.

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