6 Tips to Keep Your House Plants Healthy

Plant Parents, you did it – you’ve kept your babies alive for this long. Now, let’s make sure you keep them alive even longer. If the green leaves are turning yellow or leaves begin to feel thin, don’t worry! Here are 6 tips to keep your house plans healthy. And welcome to the new plant parents!


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  1. Bottom water your plants – Place pots in a bucket of water so they can drink from the roots. Watering from the top can result in overwatering and result in root rot. Add liquid fertilizer to the water every 4 to 6 weeks.
  2. Rotate your plants – Make sure your plants get equal indirect sunlight by rotating them periodically. If your plants are leaning towards the sun this can cause legginess and is a sign they need to be turned.
  3. Repot plants as needed – The bigger the pot the bigger your plant can grow. Get a pot that is a few inches bigger to be your plants’ new home.
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  4. Play music for your plants – Research has shown that playing music for plants helps with their healing and growth.
  5. Affirm your plants – Plants are living organisms. Just like positive words build you up positive words do the same for plants. Tell them they are strong, beautiful and have the ability to grow.
  6. Prune your plants – Remove dead leaves and stems from your plants. Again, plants are living organisms. And as you cut off dead weight and focus your energy on what brings you life your plants need to focus on growing what is living.


It is my hope that after applying these 6 tips, that your plants stay alive, healthy, and green for as long as possible!

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