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Thou Shall Let Go of Chris Brown: The Black Girl Commandments

Today’s sermon won’t be long, you don’t even need your bibles or a bathroom break. Bear with me children of Beyonce’s internet. 


Today we gon’ talk about Mr. Chris Maurice Brown. 


Yes, I know they will be some tender hearts and some triggering souls, here today– but I wanted to say this: 


 Chris Brown is “king” but I will tell you today, he is not!  Yes, sista, you may need a fan for this one. I’m going to bring the heat. 

I’ma tell you what my mother told me when I used to date some fine brothers back in the day: 


“What glitters ain’t always gold,” mama would say. 


“Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it tastes good.” 


How many of ya’ll know what I’m talking about this day? Can I get an Amen? Can I continue to give you the unadulterated truth? 


It is time to let go of this man.  This man suffers from the disease of stupidity, ignorance, cockiness, wretchedness, and tastelessness.


You see….once a “black man” disrespects all “black women” he can no longer be called a good man. And if a black man continues disrespecting, then you need to leave his butt there, alone, without a plate that means no fixin’, no given’ love for no reciprocation. 



This man has been disrespecting black women for a decade. 10 long years. We could have revived J. Holiday’s career with all that time.


I need us to come out of dessert.


This kneegrow is not the same 16-year old that we fell in love with. “The Run it” and “With you” Chris Brown is long Gone. 

Forgive me Jesus, but I  wished Rihanna would have knocked him out. 




It would have changed the trajectory of his foolishness.


This man can’t change? Why, because we have not held him accountable, saints. He needed to be whipped into shape but we allowed this boy to become a man without any initiation.


It was the lovely sistah Cardi B that once said, “A man only gon’ do what you allow.” 


And I know scripture says we should turn the other cheek but didn’t Jesus once flip dem tables? 


Didn’t Moses tell Pharaoh to let my people go or ELSE–the plague? 


When are we going to rise up and let our oppressors and abusers know enough is enough?


When are we going to let go of this toxic relationship? How many black women do you know today that suffer from unworthiness or low self-esteem? Too many!!!! How many times are we going to allow these men to diss our skin, hair, lips, and our bodies just to say it look good on something else? 


Whew, yall not ready.


Lord have Mercy, are you hearing me today? 


Light-skinned sisters, you say you have experienced colorism, but why are your lips sealed during this injustice.


Don’t let your ego get so big you can’t see your feet. 


“No darkies allowed.” 


I hear that this preference but we all know that is a cover-up of how colorism is running rampant in our communities. Does his music not tell you how he really feels? 


Oooop did I say too much? Chris Brown ain’t Jesus. He ain’t the first light-skinned man with light eyes and he WILL NOT BE THE last.


He ain’t the first man to hit a few high notes or dance in his own music video. Do we not remember Sisco? 


He can be replaced but your self-worth cannot.


Ladies, abide by the first black woman commandment:


  1. Thou must let go of Chris Brown, separate yourself from any celebrity that debases your image.




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