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6 Rules to Successful Dating

Dating is fun; most of us enjoy it. But, it can be challenging knowing how to approach someone you have a specific interest and admiration for. It gets complicated when it’s not done the right way with the right intentions. People get left lonely, thinking, what did I do wrong? Here are six essential tips to keep in mind to practice successful dating.

Do not settle

There are way too many deserving women limiting themselves and selling themselves short.

Practice not dating someone to say I dated someone not because they spark interest in you, but just because I had someone to keep me from loneliness.

This is a hint you are looking in all the wrong directions. Try to seek out similar interests with who you date, do your interest align, if not all, consider moving on.

Date smart

Your twenties and thirties are for growing, experiencing, and learning.

Don’t look for men out of your league or below your economic status. This is potentially pursuing someone who is not on your level—date what is equal to you or above.

Who you seek interest in dating and getting to know on a more intimate level should potentially lift you; it should be given if they should invest in you just as you do in them.

Looks are not everything

This is naivety. Do not limit yourself to this.

Look not just at their physical attributions but their future goals too. Look for someone who respects you for who you are, the authentic you. You can always tell when they are not getting to know the real you.

How? They constantly want to be alone all the time. They should want to be seen with you, in cafes, parks, movies, malls or museums, it’s only dating.

The point is to find out more about you, as you want to find out more about them, your date should be asking questions.

Do not chase

You do not have to do anything to captivate his/her attention. If they want you, genuinely admire you, they let you know.

Wait until commitment

Ladies, let him chase you. Do not reveal every part of you by the first date, including your body. Save sex when you are seriously committed for a significant amount of time.

Aim not to offer the deepest level of affection on the first date; there is no need for this; show him you respect your body.

This will stop you from over-committing too fast. Reveal yourself when you feel comfortable, do not make yourself too available, leave some things to the imagination.

Ladies, you are a prize

Do not lend yourself. Sex is not the only way women prostitute themselves to men. Ladies, men do not want to see, hear, and feel you all at once; try to move at their pace.

Aim to keep it cute, do not overexpose yourself. Another form of body lending or prostitution with women is transactional dating like fancy dating, Chanel bags, expansive jewelry, and gifts.

All for what, guess what? Everything comes at a price; nothing in this world is free. There is always a catch. Being impressed and fixated on what is shiny only helps him charm you.

Aim higher look for morals, character, and personality. Please do not fall into his dream; this is not dating. This is pimping; walk away.

These six successful dating tips will help you make better dating choices.

It is vital to keep in mind that dating is not for building up your self-esteem. Look into getting to know yourself more and what you like and do not like.

To know yourself first and what you want is an essential fundamental skill to owning confidence and high self-esteem.

When you find a respectable date to pursue further, take time to learn what each other’s intentions are. Ask each other questions and pay attention to where your looking.

Be yourself and hold standards; know your worth. Remember, queens do not settle.


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