The War of Words: Charlamagne Tha God VS. Joe Budden

Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God and rapper turned podcaster Joe Budden have been at odds. Budden announced during the week of August 23rd that he would be pulling his popular podcast from Spotify where it has aired exclusively since 2018. While claiming that his decision was due to internal issues with the company, many speculated otherwise. Arguably the most vocal about the news was his peer, Charlamagne.  

In an episode of his show The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne suggested that Joe was to blame for the troubles he was having with Spotify. Most notably Budden left Complex’s show Everyday Struggle for similar reasons, said Charlamagne. 

“It sounds to me like Joe Budden is a person who knows his worth but doesn’t know how to properly negotiate it, cause if you keep doing deals with various corporations and you keep getting trash-a** deals, that’s on you”.  

Upon hearing Charlemagne’s comments Joe not only took to his Twitter account, but his podcast as well. He sounded off on his show by saying that Charlamagne could not relate due to his lack of ownership.


“Charlamagne, you not gonna get it because I own this. My most valuable, my most powerful, my most accomplished asset, I own it”. 

On September 9th Charlamagne announced his partnership with iHeartMedia to launch the Black Effect Podcast Network. Set to launch this Fall, it will feature 18 different podcasts curated by Charlamagne. This venture will be the world’s largest podcast publisher dedicated to Black culture. Even the nationally syndicated morning show The Breakfast Club will have its replay podcast as part of the network as well. 

On September 23rd, the final day that The Joe Budden Podcast aired on Spotify, Budden announced that he will be creating his own network too. He took to Instagram to showcase his new all women hosted production called See The Thing Is podcast which debuted on October 6th. This podcast will also be featured on SoundCloud as well as Apple Podcast. You can watch both podcasts on his YouTube channel JoeBuddenTV 

Both men are known for being opinionated and unafraid to share their thoughts no matter the cost. It is interesting to see the evolution of their relationship and how it correlated to business. Is there a right or wrong way, to move in the media industry, where one’s own morals and values stand at the pillar for most decision making? 

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