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The 7 Best Styles/Brands for Mens Jeans

Denim jeans are as classic as classic get. A staple in very closet, no matter your style, there is a denim brand and cut for anyone. Initially made for work, denim was marked by its durability. Nonetheless, we’ve seen denim escape the bounds of work-wear into mainstream fashion. We thought it’s be cool to celebrate some of the best jeans in the game, varied in brands, cuts and washes This is a list of the 7 best men’s jeans out there. Truthfully, the list is arranged in no particular order, because fashion is personal. Your style, your choice!



Levi 501 Original $79.50

The O.G., and the “gold standard” of jeans, there is no ranking of denim without the LEVI 501s on such a list. Since its inception in 1873, trends have faded in and out, fashion has evolved but the clean, durable and versatile look of this classic high-rise, straight leg jean has remained pretty consistent. Obviously, its been updated with stretch fabrication and shrink-to-fit models but the pillars of its creation remain the same: durable and versatile.

comfortability**** versatility**** durability****






AG Tellis Jeans $79.50

My personal favorite on this list, this AG Tellis slim jean deserves some recognition. Pictured is the ‘bohemian blue’ color-way but also offered are infantry green and stone barrack. All of which have a pastel filter that give a beach-casual vibe. This jean is a slim, stretch and comfortable fit with a clean, tapered, silhouette, reminiscent of early 2010s hipster culture. This is definitely my vibe.

comfortability***** versatility***** durability****





3sixteen CT Jeans



3sixteen CT 100x $230

There aren’t many articles of clothing as versatile as the dark-washed, slightly tapered jean. And every closet needs a pair. This Japanese raw denim fit by 3sixteen is extremely versatile. It can literally be dressed for any occasion. Pair it with a clean polo, white sneakers and you’re ready for a cookout. Wear it with a dark blazer and pair of monks and you’re ready for a wedding reception. And if you’re a guy with bigger legs, dark washes always have a trimming effect. You’re welcome.

comfortability*** versatility***** durability****




Wrangler Bootcut jeans


Wrangler Men’s Retro Relaxed Boot Jeans $69

The most affordable jean on this list, if you’re a country rockstar, or maybe just in your dreams, this is the fit for you. To be fair, the boot-cut jean is making a mainstream comeback so we may begin to see this style beyond the walls of country concerts. We’ll check in next year.

These wranglers are incredibly comfortable and with their wide foot opening pair well with a pair of chunky boots.

comfortability**** versatility*** durability**




DSTLD Athletic Taper jeans

DSTLD Men’s Athletic Taper Jeans $88

Now to combine my favorite styles of denim: dark- wash and a tapered fit are these DSTLD jeans. Unfortunately, only available in max waist sizes of 32, bigger guys can’t participate in this one.  Nonetheless, the jeans gives off a clean, sleek, high-end look ready to impress even at the fanciest of occasions. Pair these with a dark brown chelsea boots, and you’re the best dressed man in the room. And it’s not even close.

comfortability**** versatility**** durability****





Duer Performance Relaxed jeans



Duer Performance Denim Relaxed Jeans $129

Because denim was initially made as workwear, comfortability was not part of the original intention. Over the course of decades, innovation and technology have found ways to alter the properties of the fabric, making jeans more agreeable. From the reviews, this jean may be the most comfortable on this list. It’s a relaxed fit, extra stretchy, with temperature cooling properties.

comfortability***** versatility**** durability****





Levi’s 511 $98

Last on this list are the iconic Levi 511 slim fit jeans. These jeans are a perfect bridge between skinny and regular. They leave plenty of room at the ankle but also give a more tapered fit than a regular cut. I love this jean and this style because they provide a fitted, tapered cut that can worn by men with a range of body shapes and sizes. You can style these jeans in many different ways, and they work with most styles of shoes.

comfortability**** versatility***** durability****

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