Sydel Curry-InClub Magazine-Michael Kors Dress

Sydel Curry In InClub Magazine

I landed in San Francisco at 12:30pm pacific time. I take an Uber to the Peerspace studio I booked in South of Market. If you are from the Bay Area, you know what I only found out upon my arrival, and that is, that SOM might just be the worst area in San Francisco I could have picked. I get inside the studio, only to feel like Aston Kutcher had punked me. The photos online looked a lot better than the space. But the show must go on and thanks to my bomb make-up artist Angelica things begin to look up. Or so I thought…

Text from Chann; Sydel’s manager. Sydel Fell down and scrapped up her hand, she is OK but we are running behind. I think to myself man what else could go wrong. Well apparently a lot. Sydel arrives, we decorated the place with some extra’s we picked up from Target. Only to have the local photographers recommended come unprepared and with bad vibes, so I asked them to leave. Sydel is getting her make up done, and we have no photographer. Lucky for us, we had a make-up artist by the name of Angelica who saved the day. We got a crew of amazing photographers and the shoot was a success and lots of fun. I was so impressed with how unbothered and understanding Sydel was.

Something she said later, during our interview made it all make sense.

“I am normal as it gets but I get to experience extraordinary things.”

That’s when it hit me; like the snow ball Beast threw at Belle in Beauty & The Beast. Like the 38-foot 3-point shot Steph Curry hit against the Thunder. Like the day I figured out Oranges were pre-sliced by nature. It hit me! Like, well a lot of things, and that the statement is what makes Sydel so special, that is what makes it so special to be A Curry girl.”


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