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Sunday Self-Care: Let Playlists be a Soundtrack to Your Life

If you were a character in a movie, what role would you play? What kind of genre would it be? How long is the movie? What do your viewers feel when they hear the music in it? And most importantly, could you watch it and be moved enough to stream the soundtrack music?

Music should be a driving force for your days. With so much uncertainty ahead of us, music is one thing that will remain unwavering in any event.

Pretend that every day is a film and ask yourself what your soundtrack would be like. Think about what kind of playlist— other than a workout one— can fuel emotion behind your daily activities. It’s not uncommon to feel a little down or uneasy during COVID-19, so use playlists to your advantage to create new quarantine activities and combat certain feelings. 

Create Calm.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Calicadoo

Are you feeling on edge? Create a calm playlist, one that you don’t have to think too hard about or have to strain your brain to focus on the lyrics. Here are some artists to get you started:


Break Glass in Case of Emergency Playlist.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Jurien Huggins

Do you need an urgent stress-reliever or to create a kind of space to block out the rest of the world? Maybe you’re feeling cabin fever due to being at home all day, or you’re having your fourth quarter-life crisis of the week. If you resonate with any of those things, opt for instrumentals that aren’t too soft, but also don’t brutally demand your attention. Your playlists should not feel like work.

Songs like Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, Cello Suite No. 1 in G by Bach or Come Sunday by Sean Jones fit well into those parameters.

Songs You Can’t Be Sad While Listening To.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Ben Hope

These will be the songs that will condemn all bad moods. Let tracks that command all of your thoughts build this playlist. Some of these songs can be nostalgic or new, but they should be distracting and uplifting. For example, any Prince song would fit here.

Songs That Make You Feel Like Summer.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji

What have been your favorite songs from each summer? Use all of those songs and compile them into this list! Even though you might not be able to spend your days at the beach when you’re listening to 679 by Fetty Wap or Caroline by Aminé from 2016 or this year’s Megan Thee Stallion hits, that doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce on those good times and hoard this list for next summer.

Breakup or Breakthrough Playlists.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Julian Myles

COVID-19 quarantining has threatened relationships, ended relationships, but has also made the foundation of many relationships stronger. So why not make a playlist for that too? However, for this playlist, you’ll have to take charge and decide what kind of emotions you want to emit while listening to it. 

Do you want to feel empowered like you can take on the world after your break-up? Or, do you want to cry your eyes out? Either choice is fine, and all of those feelings are valid. What if you can’t decide? Create a balanced mixture of both.

If quarantine hasn’t affected your relationship and you’re still in close quarters with you S.O., try making a cohesive playlist together. You can exchange music tastes, new songs or revisit artists that have released new music that you never thought you’d listen to.

Cooking EP.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Rani George

Make yourself a cooking show theme song. Will it be bright and cheery or make everyone in the kitchen feel like an Iron Chef with a precise goal in mind? Decide if you’ll be listening to Patti La Belle when baking, Aretha Franklin while frying, or Lucky Daye while making smoothies.


Skincare Routine Songs.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Kenzie Kraft

What do you think Naomi Campbell is listening to while doing her very strategic and extensive skincare routine? Whatever songs just came to your mind should go on this list. Think of music with a nice pace that won’t subconsciously have you speeding up your routine. The goal in making these playlists isn’t to get through the activities you make them for but to feed your spirit while you do them.

Plant Podcast.

InClub Magazine-Self Care-07-05-2020
Unsplash- Photo by Lettuce Grow

Yes, you should even make playlists to water your plants. You want those plants to grow and to put good intentions into them so that a great product will come from them. What better way to feel closer to your seedlings, potted plants or garden than to curate specific music in a playlist when tending to them?

Some earthy vibes would go great here. Think Erykah Badu, Jhene Aiko or TeaMarrr.


Final Track.

Nobody needs a playlist for every activity in their day, that’s true. However, just like in films, when creators add music to them, it elevates the experience for the moviegoers. Naturally, wouldn’t you want to elevate your quality of life daily by adding music to it— especially now during COVID-19 when your days might start becoming a blur? 

Remember that you are the main character and star of this show. What’s going to be the soundtrack to your life?

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