Suit Up, for A Bargain of Course: Tips for Men On How To Suit Shop At A Bargain

Rather this is your first suit straight out of college for interviews or you just are not looking to spend a fortune on another suit but you really need one, this is for you. I asked advice from Mr. Suave Himself, Lincoln University grad and Kappa Alpha psi stomp the yarder Ini Ikpe. So enjoy and happy bargain shopping.

People are always asking me, “Ini where do you get your clothing from?” and my answer is always the same. I’m a bargain shopper. Whether, it’s a great deal, in the store, online, or a thrift shop. The name of the game is always the same; Find what you’re looking for at a cheaper price point. If I’m interested in a particular suit, my game plan is simple.

  • Step 1.Go into the store and see what the price point is.
  • Step 2. See if the store is willing to give me a discount off the original ticket price, because once again I’m all about a deal. If they can’t
  • Step 3. Go online and see what the ticket price is, and also see if there are any coupons available. Often times you get much better deals with online purchases, because most companies want you to purchase from their online store in order for them to get both your mailing and email address. And if all else fails proceed to my final step.
  • Step 4. EBay, now I know what you might be thinking, but trust me when I tell you. EBay has been good to me for so many reasons. The first being in most cases the people that are selling these products have done a great job of taking care of them. Reason number 2, in most cases if you want to return them and get a refund you can do so. Reason number 3, every single suit that I’ve bought from EBay was more than 65% less than its original ticket price. I kid you not. I bought 2 Ralph Lauren suits from EBay and combined it cost me around $120. But when I did actually looked up each suit price, let’s just say I could have bought a new pair of shoes, a new dress shirt and a new neck tie and still have had money left over.

I say all this to say that never buy right out of the store unless you get a deal, always shop around for good deals, and when you find that deal, take it and never look back.

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