Best Food In The Galaxy: Featuring @Brunchboys; Jeremy Jacobowitz

If you asked you coworker what their favorite food is, if they are from Philly, they may say a cheesesteak. If they are from Maryland they might say seafood.

But when you have a conversation with a food connoisseur that has traveled the world cooking and eating you get a more cosmic level variety of what is actually the best food in the galaxy! We sat down and talk with New York’s finest, TV famous foody, Jeremy Jacobowitz; or as his 370k Instagram fam knows him as @BrunchBoys.

Fresh off a flight from Australia, Jeremy talks with us about food, style NYC living and his weird obsession with the Simpsons. But hey we like weird and Jeremy is practically family now so enjoy as well uncover the best food in the galaxy.

So for us greedy people, that only go to your verified Instagram page of over 300k for the food, and forget that someone had to actually make the food, tell us about you, and how Brunch Boys came about.

Brunch Boys started a little over three years ago, and the whole idea was just to produce some fun brunch videos.  At the time I was a food Tv producer, and wanted to keep myself busy between gigs.  Food Instagram wasn’t really a thing, but I started the Instagram account because I wanted to “own” the name Brunch Boys across all platforms.

Tell us about your recent visit to Australia and any other tour or visits or upcoming engagements you are most excited for?

Australia was amazing!  Everyone had always told me about how much they love brunch down under, and it was absolutely true!  There are so many cafes down there doing brunch every day, so I was in total heaven! I’m going to Chicago in a few weeks, and I love it there!  There are just endless food options, so its going to be a blast!

You do a great deal of traveling, where have your favorite places been?

Working in TV, I’ve pretty much traveled everywhere in the US.  From the bigger cities and destinations, to Hutchinson, Kansas, TV gave me the opportunity to see so much of the country! Internationally I’ve done London, Paris, Madrid, Italy, and Israel.  I definitely need to go abroad more!  I really want to go to South East Asia.

If possible give me the highlight reel of the best burgers in the galaxy.

Oh man!  That’s really difficult!  In NYC you have your classics like JG Melon that is always a good go to, to a new comer like the burgers at Salvation Burger. Unfortunately, they don’t have a NYC location, but I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the burgers from Bobby’s Burger Palace.

I literally am tempted to lick my phone when I am on your Instagram; tell us your favorite dishes to make and favorite dishes to eat.

I honestly don’t cook a ton.  I get enjoyment with cooking for others, so I really only cook when I go back to my parents’ house, and my whole family is there.  But to eat, I really like burgers, sushi, and all different types of Asian food.  Obviously I’m a sucker for a good Avocado Toast also!

I assume you are a major food critic. Without naming names tell us about the worst food you have ever had the displeasure of having.

I’m actually a pretty positive person when it comes to food.  I’m lucky enough to be pretty selective with where I go, and overall am happy with a lot.  Not everything is the greatest, but I look for the positives.  My biggest pet peeve is under salting a dish, especially with a dish that’s begging for it, like French fries.  That drives me crazy.

Give us your Highlight reel of your favorite desserts.

I’m honestly not much of a dessert.  I’ll always eat it, but never crave it, and will never go out of my way to order it.

So your food looks good, surely you like to look good too. How would you describe your fashion and style?

I’d describe my style as “New York City Casual” I’m not the person to get all dressed up, and since I’m running around all day, I try and look good, but stay comfortable.  You will pretty much never see me in a suit.

Are you single? Asking for a friend ha-ha.

Yes, I am single

When you have a guest over do you have a signature dish you like to prepare?

Honestly no.  I do love to BBQ when I can. 

NYC is obviously home for you. Do you cook when you are home? I have to ask for you know what they say, when you own the park you hate the rides? I got that from Lecrae.

I actually don’t cook much, I love cooking for others, and most of the time when I’m home I am eating by myself. So I’d rather order in some sushi, or grave a salad from somewhere.

Outside of cooking, what over interest does Jeremy have?

I love working out, and love TV.  I am a total Simpsons nerd!

Are you a comic book guy or movie guy? We coined the issue Millennials of the Galaxy, after Guardians of the Galaxy. Familiar?

Honestly no.  I can’t tell you the last time I went to the movie theater.  I will usually scroll through Netflix and see if there is a new docu’s to watch.

Next time you are in Philly, water ice and soft pretzels on me, deal?

Sounds like a great deal!

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