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3 Most Influential Women Under 30

Influence, the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself. Influence is a powerful thing I like to think of it as the human’s super power and there are millennial women all over the country grabbing it by the horns and using it to sprinkle good and God all over the place! Since I couldn’t make this whole article about myself (ha-ha). I want to share with you the list of 4 women on my list that are rocking their millennial years with influence! Check them out!

Jackie Hill Perry

I don’t know about you, but I cannot get Jackie’s album Crescendo off of repeat. I love it! Why’s Jackie on my list you ask? Well, have you heard her testimony? Jackie used to be a lesbian but when she decided to give her life over to God completely, her world changed. Jackie is now a very popular speaker, a very successful poet, a wife, a mom to two beautiful baby girls, and a bomb rapper! Jackie’s ministry is life changing and she is one teacher that I can trust to hear the gospel in its rawest and most pure form without any extra fluff! Jackie is only 29 with wisdom far beyond her years! Jackie is unapologetic and bold about her approach to the Gospel and how she shares it. Jackie is most influential because of her clear desire to be Christ like as best as she can, her new book, “Gay Girl Good God” is out now and gives her perspective on her life in the homosexual community and how Christians can approach these situations in love rather than judging an running people in this lifestyle away from the Gospel. Check out Jackie on Instagram @Jackiehillperry

Bri Babineaux

Remember that viral video of that super pretty girl singing her heart out in some baggy sweat pants and a t-shirt in what looks to be a high school hall way? That was Bri! Bri Babineaux is one of the most amazing worship leaders out here. She actually just recently got married (Congrats girl!). I remember when I first stumbled across Bri, she was just releasing her first album “Keys to my heart” that pink album cover is what got my attention! (sorry! I’m a girly girl lol) Bri is one of the most influential women under 30 because she is such a lady! Aside from her amazing voice she uses her influence to draw others into deep worship and relationship with God through encouraging words which you find under her Instagram posts! She exudes confidence and portrays a comfort within herself that is a clear representation of the God that lives inside of her. At only 24 yes, 24 Bri is travels the country sharing the love of Christ through music! I am personally so proud of her I feel like we’re social media sister since I’ve been following her for like ever! Go check Bri out on Instagram @bribabineaux

Mariah Houghton – Rideau

Mariah is daughter to the amazing Israel Houghton and Wife to Byron Rideau. At just 23 Mariah is a worship leader and co youth pastor with her husband at relentless church where the senior pastor is John Gray. Mariah uses her influence to reach the youth and to draw others through worship, fashion blogging and is a clear representation that marriage is still very much a beautiful covenant before God. Although Mariah is the daughter of a worship superstar she managed to create her own lane and voice. She is one of the most influential women under 30 because she is proof that being young and truly, saved and on fire for God is NOT out of style. Catch Mariah on Instagram @mariahrideau

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