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Nia Sioux: Hitchhikers Guide to Adulting & Fun Article

Club members,

I am excited to write this letter to you. If this is your first time reading InClub we welcome you. You are in for some tweetable quotes and moments where you will swear we just became best friends! Yep!

If you frequent these parts we are glad to see the force is still strong with you.

While we commit to trying to cut through the cacophony that is social media and reality tv-ish we call mainstream media; by talking about the things you should care about, as well as the things you probably care about while having a good time and sparking great conversations we cannot help but acknowledge what a time to be alive!

When we have real questions being asked about the conditions and unfair treatment of Black and Brown people on a global scale which by virtue puts non Black people in very uncomfortable conversations, that’s a slice of progress pie I hope to have seconds of.

Our cover star knows a little something about navigating as she sets out the Hitchhikers guide to adulting after spending half of her life on a show for reality tv. I think our conversation will bring back the fun to life, before everyone became experts on everything and got so serious about policing everyone with a Blue check. Everyone wants to speak on what another chooses to do but our cover star instead speaks up on others behalf.

@Inclubmagazine August 2021

Cover Star @NiaSioux

In conversation with @d.ringgold

MUA @theamberperry

Photography @bonnienichoalds

Creative Director @d.ringgold

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