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Lecrae’s ‘Deep End’: A Song for the Times

Lecrae’s newest single starts with an echo of the words “right now” and they couldn’t be a better echo to the reflection of the times that this song is ‘right now’. Lecrae’s Deep End, which currently has 380,628 listens across the platform of YouTube alone since its release on June 24, 2020, lulls you in with a sound that is drenched with emotion. It allows you no other choice but to sit with your own- and this 2020 year has left us with much to consider as we do so.


From the sudden death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, to the outbreak of a global pandemic, to the loss of yet another Black life-George Floyd- in the midst of a pandemic leading to waves of protests breaking out across the country and even internationally. We’ve had a lot to process through this year 2020. Artist Lecrae seems to be admitting through his lyrics that it has been a bit more than he can bear.


“Stay on point, I’ve been tryna save my voice

But y’all gave me no choice

The world gone mad, can’t ignore this noise”


However, we needed this release of honest expression from Lecrae. Why? Because we heard what the rap genre had to said with Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture” and Da Baby and Roddy Rich’s remix to “Rockstar”; We heard from the R&B genre with the likes of H.E.R’s “I Can’t Breathe” and John Legend’s album “Bigger Love”; but we were lacking a sound from the voice of Christian artists. What’s different about Lecrae’s Deep End is that it captures not just one particular moment of those named above-death, sickness, the ongoing fight for social justice- but it is emotionally charged enough to truly capture them all.


We’ve all been trying not to go off of the Deep End.But Lecrae’s music video that accompanies this song does make it known that there was an important front facing issue that Lecrae was struggling with. This song was specifically created to reflect the burden of fighting for Black life. His presented struggle, though heavy, potentially will serve as a comfort in the ears of Black listeners and allies alike to know that we are not the only ones getting tired carrying the weight of this country’s wrongs. Yet, it is all the same encouraging that we are nonetheless needed, and particularly as believers obligated, to keep pressing. Our voices are needed just as much as Lecrae’s was in this moment, even if we walk with a limp as one line in his song goes.


“Ive been doing better than I was before

I walk with a limp ‘cause I’ve been wrestling with the Holy Ghost

Deep End of this pit but still somehow I keep on floating on”


It has always been important that artists make music for the times and provide every revolution with a soundtrack. Music is what brings us through and connects us even when we can’t find the words to say for ourselves. I salute Lecrae for being the Christian artist to stand up for his genre and give us something to lament to, cry to, fight through and hold to as we press on through the trials this year has had to offer. Our lamenting, crying, fighting and pressing will not be in vain and as the final line of Lecrae’s Deep End goes- when you’ve thought you lost your grip be reminded God’s still holding on.



7 thoughts on “Lecrae’s ‘Deep End’: A Song for the Times

    • Indigo says:

      She is absolutely amazing in this record. the delivery is so raw she sings it with such power. True, so in sync to the matter of today regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. A powerful piece, indeed.

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