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Naomi Osaka Launches KINLÒ Skincare Line for Melanated Skin Tones

Four-time grand slam champion Naomi Osaka launched her long-awaited unisex skincare brand KINLÒ on Tuesday. The tennis star spoke on the inspiration behind this sunscreen company in an Instagram post.

“I founded KINLÒ (a functional skin care line for people with melanated skin) to address a public health need around skin cancer prevention within our POC communities,” she wrote in the caption. “Tennis can be challenging at times, but it has given me this platform which I am so grateful for.”


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KINLÒ originates from Osaka’s heritage with the words “Kin” and “lò” both translating to gold in Japanese and Creole respectively. This line features four products including an SPF 50+ tinted sunscreen, an eye cream, lip balm and hydrating misting spray. Prices ranging from $14.99 to $50 for a complete skincare set.

KINLÒ products
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All of the products are made using natural ingredients such as hemp seed, green tea and jojoba oil. These help protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays and blue light. Also, they’re cruelty-free, reef safe and don’t contain any parabens, phthalates or gluten. Essentially, they don’t contain harsh chemicals that might irritate skin!

These products were formulated alongside board-certified dermatologist Dr. Naana Boakye who specializes in raising awareness about skin cancer and the negative effects of sun damage within the Black community.

Ultimately, Osaka’s goal with her new company is to serve an often underserved and overlooked demographic. “KINLÒ starts conversations about health risks for melanated skin tones and provides clean products designed to protect and nourish,” the KINLÒ website reads.

Watch below to see how to apply products like the KINLÒ hydrating eye cream as you’re doing your daily skincare routine.

This brand is just another aspect of the tennis champion’s ever-growing business portfolio, which includes a partnership and investor opportunity with the salad giant Sweetgreen announced back in May. So she’s definitely making moves off the court and it’ll be exciting to see KINLÒ’s impact on the beauty market going forward!

Where to Buy

At the moment, you shop for KINLÒ skincare products only on their website ( And follow their social media for more updates: Twitter (@Kinloskin) | Instagram (@Kinloskin) | Facebook (@Kinloskincare).


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