Jeanette…Ika In InClub Magazine Volume 2

Janette…Ikz In InClub Magazine

Janette…ikz is in her own description, a slave to Christ, wife to Matt Watson, poet, singer, emcee best known probably as a Christian spoken word artist. Best known for her poet titled “I’ll wait”.

We have the privilege of an exclusive feature with us for our summer issue and thought we should give you a little appetizer of sorts with a list of our favorite things we learned from @IamGenetics.

If you have ever been to a show where Janette…ikz was performing or if you follow her on Instagram, you will learn a lot about her. She is absolutely hilarious, very close to her family, a super soft spot for her late grandmother and a funny sibling rivalry with Ezekiel. Considered to be one of the 4 giants of Christian spoken word and international performer we thought one of the coolest things we learned from her is what humility looks like; and how it’s good to have siblings that enjoy humbling you.


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