Propaganda In InClub Magazine Volume 2

Propaganda In InClub Magazine

Many artist and athletes we have the tendency of comparing ourselves to someone else. Rather it be he sounds like Kanye or he plays like A.I., we are always inclined to compare. But then there are those rare occasions when you come across someone that is such an anomaly that finding someone to compare them too is almost impossible. Impossible like finding someone that actually liked the Fantastic Four reboot.

Well, gems and gents we have a real dandy for you, for this today is one of those rare times, Propaganda, the owner of Humble Beast record label, ill author, poet and rhyme slayer from Cali is truly someone with a style incomparable and here’s a cool exclusive Q & A with him. Enjoy.

There may be no rapper like you, especially in the Christian Hip Hop sphere. So tell us, who is Propaganda the rapper/poet, & the man. Is there a deviation?

The rapper is really a purest. Like a true school Bboy back packet hip-hop snob. The poet is more like a cultural anthropologist. It’s mostly social commentary. The poet is a Romantic.

What are your thoughts on music for the church and music from the church? Is that a good direction?

Those are very good ways to categorize and organize your thoughts. To be honest though, which might sound harsh, but like, I kind a don’t really care what you call your music as long as it’s amazing. Lol but for the sake of discussion, music designed for corporate worship does have specific implications. And one should respect that. But Christian Contemporary Music as whole has yet to define what they mean when they say Christian music. Do they mean the artist or the content or both? What about non-Christians doing Christian content? What about Christians doing non-Christian content. Is the requirement just too “ clean” or safe? Christian faith isn’t safe though. My stance is just chase the gospel wherever it leads you.

What direction do you see CHH going?

I honestly don’t know. It seems as though CHH has started to really develop infrastructure which is necessary if it’s going to survive


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