Issa Rae Is the New Co-Owner of Sienna Naturals

All hair care isn’t created equal, especially when it comes to Afro-American hair products. It’s no wonder that Actress, Activist and now All-natural hair care owner Issa Rae has jumped into the 2.5 billion dollar industry by becoming the co-owner of Sienna Naturals. Rae has teamed up with Sienna Natural’s founder and CEO Hannah Diop to revamp and rebrand the clean hair care line.

Hair it is…issa cover

For decades women of color have finessed all the wrong hair product lines trying to obtain the right moisture, shine and health that would enhance their kinky curls or textures. The once ridiculously underserved market is now bulging with hair care options to suit all the different hair textures of women of color.

Just ask any black woman about the importance of their hair, and you’ll get a mouthful. Some may tell you that they can get a good product that styles their hair with not so good ingredients, or the good ingredients in a product without the best styling benefits. “I think hair has always been a part of the conversation for me, and it’s been such a huge part of my identity,” says Rae.

Why Sienna Naturals

Rae is no rookie when it comes to styling and profiling. Her natural hair do’s have captivated millions on her hit HBO show Insecure. She also has had a pretty good run using Sienna Naturals on her own hair.

“I’d been watching Hannah’s journey for a while, seeing her developing these products. I got interested in the natural, organic side of hair care,” says Rae. I felt like this was a great opportunity to partner up — not to mention obviously loving what the products did for my own hair.”

When you take care of your body you work from the inside out, textured hair is a little different. Hair requires us to nourish it from the outside into the root. “I think ingredients are so important, specifically thinking about how the past products that I’ve used have all been primarily focused on styling. I think, for me, it’s been getting to the root of taking care of your hair, making sure that your scalp is healthy, [knowing the] ingredients, and making sure that you’re not manipulating your existing texture or the existing oils in your scalp,” Rae shares.

There is no “one for all” product when it comes to textured hair, but it’s great to know that there are many to choose from. “I’ve known Hannah for a long time, and I got to see the brand evolve from her home. It’s expanded so much beyond that. The care and the research that has gone into this natural, safe, healthy brand, I knew that I wanted to be involved,” Rae said in a statement.

 Deets on Sienna Naturals

salon in a box

To kick off the updated line of products, there is a combination of a shampoo, leave in conditioner, a deep treatment and a hair oil all in their Salon in a Box collection.

H.A.P.I. Shampoo ($18), which gently cleanses your hair without stripping it, Dew Magic ($18), a leave-in conditioner, Plant Power ($22), a deep treatment that softens your hair while adding a dose of protein to your strands, and Lock & Seal ($22), a hair oil that adds moisture and helps seal your cuticles.

Guess what? It’s safe, healthy and vegan. The natural hair line plans to drop more healthy products down the line.

The new rebranded clean hair care line hasn’t dropped yet, but if you want to be first to see what it does to your hair you better get on the list to order your Salon in the Box.

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