iOS Users Will Now Have The Option to ‘Type with Alexa’ as Amazon Releases A Public Preview

A new Amazon public preview is now available to iOS users with the Alexa app. The news comes not too long after Google unveiled the new hum feature on their app in October; which helps people search songs they don’t remember the name to.

These American tech giants have been quite busy this Fall releasing app updates, new tech, and creative features to bring ease to daily routines.

If you search in the app, Alexa is quickly alerted to listen for any questions or commands you may have. She can complete routine functions or presets you have saved to other Amazon devices. With the option to type versus speak, the feature brings convenience for times when it is best to write, and it can also assist those who are mute or have vocal difficulties.

To activate Type with Alexa simply open the app, search, and tap on the keyboard icon on the bottom of the screen. From there the app opens to an SMS type screen where it creates an experience as if you are texting your well-knowledgeable friend. Although, disclosing any secrets is entirely up to the user.

IMG_5998      IMG_5999

Within seconds the keyboard will highlight suggestions of the question or thought you attempt to write. Alexa, similar to her voice recognition capacities, will learn from your responses and adapt to your habits to make asking easier and efficient. The preview is still under development so a final version may bring new advancements and increased accuracy.

Amazon has remained hushed on an official release date for when to expect the feature to be fully operational and available to other devices.

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