InClub Magazine – Volume 7 – Cover

InClub Magazine – Volume 7

Dear Future,

Better yet, hello Now! That’s you, that’s me, that’s we! Welcome back to another issue for the culture and for the king. Celebrating proper representation and representing for the King. Conversations with friends, and causing friendly debates. Provoking dialogue to push you to be influential, inspired, involved, in Christ.

This issue is our most bold one yet. This one Is personal; this one is about you!

We know Martin Luther King Jr, and Martin Luther. Harriet, W.E Dubois and Fredrick Douglas.

We know we live in a culture where the ones who say they Woke are really sleep deprived. Sleep walking. But We are awake because we have seen the Son rise. Day walkers.

Woke by the need in a fallen world not the alarm clock, though its alarming to see these irresponsible individuals on Tv as the leaders and ideals. Promoting an extended adolescence. We see the need for change but never change the channel so they get extended seasons, of grown people just playing around like preseason. With no live game implications. I’m not implying we are better. Better is implied when we do it. This is a We thing!

We can break cycles, make disciples. We are burdened with glorious purpose, not seeking our own glory. At least not on purpose. Purposely calling out the facts that we have spent enough time waiting for someone else to come give a speech. Give a hand. We, with, out-stretched hands can shake the planet. Let’s shake on it. We are the ones we have been waiting for!

We with a Matt Damon complex, – a reborn identity has a responsible to be an example.

We have work to do. We have fields to infiltrate. We have structures, strongholds and systems to break, spaces and arenas to bombard. We have brothers to reconcile, sisters to rebuild and battles to be fought.

We have narratives to change, media to influence. We have walls to tear down, mountains to climb up and doors to kick down. We are the ones… So what are we waiting for?

This issue is dedicated to the We’s of the world. We are in it together.

-Gratefully yours

Dion Ringgold

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