InClub Magazine – Volume 6 – Cover

InClub Magazine – Volume 6

Hello Gens & Gents

If you are a returning reader, welcome back. You know your way around, we are excited to have these conversations with our friends, i.e. you! Because of you we have been able to let patience has its perfect work as we transition from a quarterly magazine to a monthly magazine that is worth the overpriced paper it is printed on. More importantly one that continues to provoke you to action, to dream, to be involved and to be inspired. Whichever stop you boarded we are glad you have come along for the ride. We have lots in store for you.

We are also not delusion, for many of you this is more than likely your first time hearing about us, greeting we are InClub Magazine; a millennial life and style magazine that features creative and fun commentary, exclusive celebrity interviews, that highlight character more than celebrity. Innovative trendsetting style and diverse content we like to call conversation with friends.

Since its inception, InClub Magazine has been, well different, different by choice. You would not find any tea or gossip, no tabloid or click bait. it was decided that we wanted to get back to when magazines were a source of substance and creativity. Journalism that has integrity, content that was thought provoking and stories that were real, relatable, and admirable. Cover features that are both role model and runaway model material. Where our concerns, cares and interest were talked about, our hearts heard and our voice matter. Where proper and accurate representation of this generation was displayed without gimmick, and by those in which the content is for.

Feel like you’ve been missing out, its fine, you came at just the right time and there is something here for you. In this issue you will find reads that both challenge and encourage you. As we continue to celebrate style, fashion, culture and the gospel, we want to never ignore the pressing questions many ask and circumstances we find ourselves in. This issue we had a conversation with Heather and Cornelius Lindsey, as well as Anthony and Sopha Rush of @LivingDeeplyRooted. We also had a special carpool conversation with Dr. Eric Mason, author of Woke Church. In our need for grace and the development of grit we find our theme of grace and grit for this issue. A pairing of attributes we believe you may find to be essential to living out your life, purpose and mission for God in your life. It takes grit do stand up in a culture of oppression. It takes to love through hard times. Life provokes us and God guides us through situations and seasons to identify both and develop them in us.

-The Result of Grace

Dion Ringgold

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