InClub Magazine – Volume 5 – Cover

InClub Magazine – Volume 5

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2018 is your year! Often times when we say that we mean it in the most selfish way possible.

But, I want to encourage you to think of it in a different way. 2018 will be your year to make a difference. To use your voice to break chains, and change narratives! Break the codes, stir the pot, shake up the deck and crumble strongholds.

This is your year to be a greater influence in what is presented and how to our generation. Your year to plant yourself like a tree and say NO, you move! The year to be a voice for those without one and to speak boldly on what matters and doing something that matters! This will be the year where we tell our stories the right way, with positivity and hope.

Being real does not mean being cynical, or void of hope. It’s being honest about who we been, and the change that needs to take place. So that they may see us for who we truly are.

This will be the year where our resolutions are more about others than they are about what we will gain. And we touch and agree with you, as we promise to be a consistent voice and narrative shifter for the culture. Part of the culture, influencing it not being consumed with it or by it.

What can you expect from us this year, I am glad you asked, more events, and community engagement as we have a heart to leave an imprint on the cities, with creative ways to address real issues. More content, video and written, as we add 50 more contributors to our arsenal.

More charity, we want to give back monetarily as often as possible and we be looking to add this component in a big way.

More dope interviews with some of the most influential individuals leaving a mark in pop culture. More original content and of course, creative takes on news and hot topics, from a relevant and biblical worldview.

What we need from you, to be loyal subscribers, faithful visitors, serial commenters, repeat offenders of sharing and liking, and word of mouth street team. We can do more for you when you tell others of the value of what we do. For every “SHADEROOM” there needs to be a Lighthouse. So let’s make this our year! Remember how I said we would still have the dopest features, well we kick off the year with A Curry girl, herself; Sydel Curry. Newly engaged, introducing her brand, sharing her heart, advocating her cause and looking incredible while doing so, we have the exclusive interview and its not to be missed.

Let’s make this a year to remember, together. Are you in?

-The Result of Grace

Dion Ringgold

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