InClub Magazine – Volume 4 – Cover

InClub Magazine – Volume 4

Wow, so here we are, the end of another year. Closing out 2017. A year of moments and memories to look back over. We did some cool stuff. We finally found our rhythm like playing the perfect key on a piano. We rebooted our website, and redesigned our logo. We shifted gears from a magazine no one knew about to a magazine coined the magazine for the thinker. We have made great strides in becoming a leading contributor to the culture and for the culture, with content that promotes a life worth living and style worth having. Unapologetically too! With our commentary that suggest a life lived for Jesus is not one in a box, and certainly not only in a church. But one of freedom and liberty to be influential, inspiring and involved.

We interviewed some of your favorite celebrities, like Travis Greene, Jamaica West and Propaganda. Laurie Hernandez, Koryn Hawthorne, Brelyn Bowman and more. We sponsored the coolest young adult conference LOUD Summit, and did press at Bishop T.D. Jakes Mega Fest conference as well as New York Comic Con.

We made more partnerships, like Journey’s, and Bo Concept. Biblical Theological Seminary, and VILLA. DreaMedia Productions has continued their vigorous support and we are so grateful for it. We in transition and in response to the support and interest of the readers, that consist of over 2 million across all platforms in just one year, we decided it was necessary to go monthly with the magazine. Give the people what they want. An alternative, something to decompress with from the oversimplification and watered down content and media that overwhelm millennials daily. What better way to reward our readers but to also make a deal to have our magazine carried in the world’s greatest bookstore, Barnes and Noble. Each month the regions will expand, we started with home of course, Philadelphia.

We have overcome death and loss of key members, delayed issues and stolen content. Our year has not been perfect but we have learned a lot, and learned from each of you reading.

Winter, often times gets a bad rap. It’s chillingly cold weather and bitter brick winds are not usually welcomed with open arms. But we deliver the last issue of the year with some heat, Mexicana beauty, global YouTube star and make up line designer, Jackie Hernandez, helps us heat up your December. Her no cover up interview is heartfelt, and transparent, a hopeful voice for women everywhere. She is as driven as she is beautiful and we are so thrilled to have her. So, subscribe, like and share and InClub Magazine will return next year.

-The Result of Grace

Dion Ringgold

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