InClub Magazine – Volume 3 – Cover

InClub Magazine – Volume 3

Greetings Gems and gents, welcome to the 3rd issue of InClub Magazine. Thank you for sticking it out with us as we continue to build creative, competent content that both inspires and identifies with you. As we grow we hope to continue to be a trusted source for accurate and relevant news and media that shares your voice and tells your heart. This is such an important time for us as millennials, to not only find our voice, but to find the courage to use it.

I have exclusive interviews with incredible individuals who have done just that. We experience breaking, balance and breakthrough with gymnast gold medalist Laurie Hernandez, get extremely vocal with Kierra Sheard, to highlight 3 amazing professional sisters with voices, Black Enterprises Rochelle Turner, MYNEWPHILLY host Nynoshka Poobalan & celebrity photographer Cyndi Brown. We talk about finding her own unique voice and how to use it with The Voice winner Koryn Hawthorne, and the power of your voice with Brelyn Bowman.

We are embarking upon the journey of becoming a quarterly magazine and with that brings changes we hope you will notice and not notice at the same time. We hope you do not notice the change in platform, but we hope you do notice all the new journalist, photographers, models and editor that help us fulfill our goal of being the livest magazine for millennials by millennials. We are definitely still unashamed and unapologetic about the gospel and its importance to the culture and the world.

We still believe fashion is a key in self-expression, confidence and diversity, so our looks and trends are expanding. Going monthly is a big deal because it allows us to get you information and resources you need more consistently, with us being in the thick of it all and our finger on the pulse of what is cool and concerning to this generation and to the generation that follows.

So we hope you will follow with us, share something you think is cool you read in this issue, tweet about it, leave a review. These are the tools by which we use to measure our effectiveness.

Our voice is your voice, and we only know if we are on track if you use your voice to tell us so.

Our warmest thanks and appreciation for you deciding to be a part of the club.

-The Result of Grace

Dion Ringgold

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