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Having a Moral Compass Matters

And roughly 350 employees at Twitter banded together to prove that. After compiling an internal letter addressed to Twitter’s C-suite executives, employees also demanded an investigation regarding the role Twitter played in the past several years that led to last Wednesday’s catastrophe in Washington, D.C. The letter addressed the actions (or lack thereof) that were taken by the company to deescalate the insurrection that was witnessed at the capital, and amounted to the decision of President Donald Trump’s permanent suspension from the social media platform just days before his exit out of office.

“Despite our efforts to serve the public conversation, as Trump’s megaphone, we helped fuel the deadly events of January 6th,” the employees wrote. The accountability they displayed was not only much needed in this moment, but it serves as an example to other institutions in this moment the impact of taking a much-needed stand for what is right.

Through the past several years we have seen @therealdonaldtrump use the Twitter platform to vocalize his thoughts even at the expense of the truth and thereby create quite a muddled world around him as supporters clung to his every word and non-supporters grew increasingly frustrated. However, because a stance was finally taken by Twitter, there is now no more room for this delusion to grow.

Perhaps if this intervention was made years ago the truth would not be so far in question. Nonetheless, we must state- better late than never.

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