5 Ways to Grow your Relationship with Christ

Growing in Christ should be the desire of any believer’s heart. Sometimes we face periods where we have difficulty hearing God or even perhaps just sensing His presence, but He is always near. So how can we get closer to Him and continue to be refined in our walk? I asked various faith leaders and influencers what their top five suggestions were for a believer to grow their relationship in Christ and these were the top (very practical) answers.


Commit yourself to daily reading of Scripture, prayer and journaling your biggest requests, needs and cares. Then record the answers as you experience them. This answer is obviously unanimous across the board of every leader and influencer who shared their suggestions with me. Without intimate time with God, heartfelt conversation, quiet time spent listening–you will not be able to reap from the power of His influence and impact in your life.


Submit yourself to being discipled. Not just a weekly coffee or phone call, but truly following someone who helps to bring your life along to look more like Jesus’s. Jesus’s disciples walked with him, broke bread with Him, served alongside Him and gleaned from Him just simply constantly being in his presence. This is a true model of discipleship and we are not only to go and make them of others but first become one ourselves.


Share your faith with others. Especially with someone newer in the faith than you that you can help along with these same five steps and commit to being their accountability partner or mentor.


Find a church that you can commit to weekly, feel called to and connected with their local mission, and go even further and connect yourself with a small group to grow more intimately in relationships with others.


Serve either in your local church, in your local community or even others within your circle with your gifts. We learn more about ourselves, God and the world when we serve.


With these tips being grounded in Scripture, and therefore Truth, there is no way that their application will not lend tremendous growth in your own relationship with Christ, as well as others’! I look forward to applying these more intentionally and I hope you do too!

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