Finding Uncommon Ground with Van Jones

  • The Mission:

Van Jones is a political commentator and host who is also a three-time New York Times best-selling author and activistHe’s a lawyer who has successfully introduced new legislation. He has even worked with the likes of President Barack Obama. Mr. Jones is passionate about invoking change and bridging the gap between political parties to execute positive change in society. He has recently launched a new podcast now streaming on a variety of apps including Spotify,  iHeartRadio, Amazon Music and Google. The podcast covers a wide range of topics directly relating to current events that impact the state of our world. The main goal is to facilitate meaningful conversations that will produce real-world solutions.


Important Take-Aways: 

Purposely, Mr. Jones interviewed Bishop, author and businessman Bishop TD Jakes for the second episode of Uncommon Ground. Rationally, Jones and Bishop Jakes discuss the importance of understanding others without needing to “pick a side”. Bishop Jakes made the analogy of being a bridge by saying “be a bridge to make connections for purpose”. “Be human, don’t think of things in terms of race, political party..”.

Leading The Way:

With regards to leadership, it’s fitting for Mr. Jones to sit down with Bisop Jakes. Mr. Jones is a respected political host and New York Times Best Selling author. He is also an activist who has founded an initiative to help ex-offenders. The initiative suppprts to assist with re-entry into the workforce and scholarships that help them to learn their preferred trade. T. D Jakes is an New York Times Best Selling author, Bishop  and executive producer of multiple blockbuster films. Some of his social work includes The Texas Offender Reentry Initiative. It offers ex-offenders access to education, spiritual guidance, employment, housing and healthcare. Another initiative by Bishop Jakes is the Hope INsight program that partners with companies to provide resources for the homeless in the region of Dallas.

Why It Matters:

Thankfully, Mr. Van Jones has presented this podcast at a perfect time. Carefully and with good merit Van Jones has considered what it means to be passionate about change. Mr. Jones’ Uncommon Ground podcast creates space for dialogue without borders on topics from climate change to justice reform. The Uncommon Ground podcast is the playlist we didn’t know we needed.

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