Erica P. Loewe

Erica P. Loewe Appointed to New Senior Role As Special Assistant to the President

This week, White House director of African American media Erica P. Loewe elevated from her current role to special assistant to the President and chief of staff for the White House Office of Public Engagement. In this new role, she’ll be responsible for facilitating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to visit the White House as part of ongoing efforts to make it accessible to everyone. Here’s a rundown on how Loewe’s been pivotal in opening doors, especially for Black people in the media, during the Biden-Harris administration.

A Brief Look Into Erica P. Loewe‘s Background

In a recent interview with theGrio’s White House Correspondent April Ryan, Loewe described the significance of this opportunity and becoming amongst a select group of staffers who truly understand issues about the Black community. “A lot of the people that I grew up with don’t end up in the White House and are not expected to end up in rooms that I have been blessed to end up in,” the Florida native reflected. “I don’t know if it makes me special…but I know that does make me relatable.”

Loewe’s journey working for the Biden-Harris administration stretches back to 2021, following an appointment to director of African American media. Before that, she was the deputy communications director for former House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn. During her time as media director, she ensured that members of the Black press had unparalleled access to the White House, the administration and various officials.

What’s Next

As you can imagine, working at the White House is a huge commitment of your time–even during off-hours. “You go to sleep reading the news, and you wake up reading the news,” Loewe says. However, Loewe’s dedication to the job is recognized by her colleagues including Anita Dunn, White House senior advisor, who are excited about the news.

“She’s smart, innovative, hard-working and has a passion that aligns with the President’s mission of ensuring everyone has a seat at the table,” Dunn said in a statement to theGrio. “I’m confident she’ll be a tremendous asset to the Public Engagement team as the President and Vice President continue working on behalf of communities across the country.” 

To keep up with Erica’s work, follow her on X (formerly known as Twitter) at @EricaLoewe46.

Featured image credit: Photo via Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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