Covid Safe Activities for Mother’s Day

The world is looking a lot more normal this year than last year, but the pandemic isn’t over. It’s our second year of Covid holidays so you better not get her the same gift card as last year! If your mother doesn’t feel quite comfortable going to dinner for Mother’s Day, here are some covid safe activities to do with mom.

1. Take it outdoors:

Plan a picnic! The weather in the Philly area is looking questionable so you’ll have to watch your timing. A park, the backyard, or even the front porch are all good venues if the weather cooperates. Bring her some flowers even if she says she “doesn’t want anything.”

2. Plan an alternate activity:

Give her a spa day. Mother’s Day is the perfect day for pampering and there are plenty of options. This one isn’t just for daughters! Doing her nails is a safe option and face masks (the skincare kind!) can be fun too.

If you can’t travel to your mom this year, keep things virtual. Schedule a video call but do something extra to make sure she feels special. Attend a virtual show or a paint and sip night. Many theaters are still hosting virtual performances and you don’t have to find one right on Mother’s Day. Send her the ticket as her gift so she knows the celebrating doesn’t end this weekend.

3. Bring the restaurant to her:

If your mom is comfortable eating inside with vaccinated family members, have dinner at home. You can make a well-loved family recipe or try a new recipe together. Cooking together can be a fun activity for your mom and is a good way to get the grandkids involved. If she has grandkids, bring them over. They are who she really wants to see! Fancy meal or not, masked or unmasked, family time is the best Mother’s Day gift. 

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