Cardi B Moves to Launch Bardi Beauty Line

OKURRR! Cardi B is officially starting her beauty line. On April 16th, Cardi’s company, Washpoppin Inc, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, “Bardi Beauty.”

 “Bardi Beauty” has applied the trademark for “cosmetics, fragrances for personal use, hair care preparations, non-medicated skin care preparations, nail polish, nail enamel.”

Cardi previously announced that she was dabbling in the beauty industry with a focus on hair.

On March 29th, Cardi took to Instagram to announce she was coming out with a hairline that she worked on at home, using her and her daughter’s hair as the inspiration behind the idea.

More importantly, Cardi feels it’s time for people to educate themselves on “nationality, race, and ethnicity.”

Screenshot shared from Cardi B Instagram account

Cardi pointed out that many make the wrong assumption just because someone may be Latin or Mexican to speak Spanish or other culturally assumed characteristics.

In her Instagram caption, she expressed having your hair a particular color or style has nothing to do with your nationality but instead, your DNA. 

“Being Hispanic/Latina doesn’t make your hair long, don’t make your skin light, or don’t make your face features slim, especially Latin countries from the Caribbean islands. DNA has something to do with your hair, not your nationality but guess what you can always maintain your hair …..and one more thing, not everyone that speaks Spanish is Mexican. 😉”  Cardi B

In 2019, Cardi had teased with an interview with Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of launching her beauty brand. When asked if her beauty line was coming soon, Cardi replied “very” with a laugh. 

Cardi has not yet publicly commented on her new business venture.


We will continue to post updates as further information becomes available. 


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