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Better Things on Hulu

As the Stay at Home order continues to be in effect for the majority of us, I know I am not alone when I say, “What else is there to watch?”.  We’ve done watch everything from cat memes, to slap fest to Tiger King. We have used up every free 7 day trail we could get our hands on, only to forget to cancel the subscription before the charges start and now we are paying for it, literally. But it is a small price for endless entertainment during a time that entertainment feels pretty essential. Check out our entire Must watch list for more must see shows and movies.

This show comes from Disney’s step child Hulu, Better Things

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You can never go wrong with mixing comedy and drama. Better things, starring actress Pamela Adlon (that every movie geek may recognize from the John Cusack 80’s classic, Say Anything), who also played in Bumblebee in 2018.  Pamela plays Sam Fox, a single mother of 3 juggling the pressures of continuing to pursue her acting career in Hollywood. While continuing to earn a living, follow her dreams, and raise her daughters, Sam does it with humor, honesty and love. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress Mikey Madison also plays in Better Things as Max Fox, daughter to divorced mother Sam Fox.

Better Things has been a hit with both fans and critics according to Rotten Tomatoes, with a stellar score of 95% from critics and 84% from audiences.


The Critics Consensus reads a little like this:

Pamela Adlon’s Better Things abstains from traditional sitcom sendups and forges a path all its own – in this bawdy, often hilarious and bittersweet ode to the daily highs and lows of being a single mother.  Translation it has all the heart and charm of the Gilmore Girls, with a 2020 spin on it.


There may not be a better show on HULU then Better Things, so go check it out and Be sure to let us know if you enjoyed them as much as we did.

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