Rich & Rotten Fashion and Lifestyle Brand is on the Rise

Look out fashion world, Rich & Rotten is on the rise.

Rich & Rotten is one of the fashion industry’s fastest growing urban lifestyle brands. They set themselves apart from traditional streetwear by incorporating striking messaging that leads to conversations around often discussed topics. Founded by Hamed Jalay in 2012, the brand prides itself on their intricately handmade cut & sew pieces, as well as quality slim-fit designs shoppers can’t find anywhere else.

The brand combines fashion with its powerful messaging meant to influence the community around them. Jalay says the Rich & Rotten purposely sets itself apart from the “urban norm” with its unique designs. “There’s a reason for every shirt we design and a story behind each one,” he says. “We all are rich in something. Rich in spirit, love, family. Life itself is for the riches, but we live in a rotten world. Survival ain’t fair. So we gotta do whatever it takes to make it.”

Check out what he means in the video below.

The Mission

As mentioned in the video, Rich & Rotten believes life’s true riches are not material, but rather the things money can’t buy. Their goal is to provide leadership and resources to inspire the next generation with the ideal: If you can change their perspective, you can change their life.”

The Goods

One of Rich & Rotten’s fastest selling item is their “Corporate Goon” T-shirt, which depicts a butler wearing a ski mask, while holding a silver platter with a stack of money. The image represents “the gritty side of the upward grind for wealth and success.”

Celebrities such as Diddy, Ty Dolla $ign, Meek Mill, Sean Kingston can be caught wearing Rich & Rotten. And most recently, actor and comedian Lil Rel Howery stopped by to show his support.

Rock with Rich & Rotten

If you prefer in-store shopping, you can find the brand at one of their three locations in Los Angeles (Beverly Center, Hollywood Boulevard, or Topanga Mall). And if you’re out of town, check out their Instagram and their website, where you can also shop their Summer ’22 collection.

Rich & Rotten is a mindset, a lifestyle, and a commitment to get it yourself by all means necessary. So, let’s get it!

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