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Father’s Day, For Those With An Absent Father………

For me personally, this was a PRETTY TOUGH piece to write,and for good reason! You know, it’s hard to put into words the thoughts that I fathom on and the feelings I just cant shake nor forsake when it comes to THIS particular day. For as long as I can remember, Father’s Day is one […]

Are You bored with God?!

god is not boring

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts; you double-minded. James 4:8 ESV God is Not Boring He is The Ancient of days. He is Alpha and Omega. He is The First, Every good thing in between, and The Last. He is The […]

Creative Ways To Share Your Faith In 2021


Last year may have disrupted plans and evangelical events, but our faith persisted. Ministries from around the country dug into their creative skills and brainstormed how to effectively witness about Christ, even while having to social distance. In spite of a devastating pandemic, it could not be an excuse to regress from sharing the faith […]

5 Ways to Grow your Relationship with Christ


Growing in Christ should be the desire of any believer’s heart. Sometimes we face periods where we have difficulty hearing God or even perhaps just sensing His presence, but He is always near. So how can we get closer to Him and continue to be refined in our walk? I asked various faith leaders and […]

Resembling God: What does it mean to be Created in His Image?


From the start, God agreed among the Trinity that mankind would bear his imprint. That from generation to generation, humans would have the likeness of God himself––for as long as they live. In Genesis chapter one, the simplest yet profound statement was spoken. God said among himself, “Let us make man in our image, after […]

Should Future Church Planters Start Churches Exclusively Online?


Covid-19 has impacted the church’s ability to gather during tough times like these. Churches are now streaming their services online or minimizing their in-person congregation sizes. As this is the new normal for so many churches, it begs the question of whether future church planters should start their ministries entirely online. Here are a few […]

8 Ways to Strengthen your Faith

blk girl praying

Often times when you are spiritually weakened and in need of strength, finding ways to flex your faith looks almost impossible.  Somehow you’ll be challenged to dig deep even in the midst of your doubt to search for the tools that God has left to assist you in rebuilding. No matter how weak your faith […]

20 Black Faith Leaders You Should Follow…The Proper List

20 Black faith leaders

Back in July someone sent me a link to an article of 25 Black faith leaders you should follow. From the list I deduced that the extent of the research the writer must have conducted was a quick google search of popular Black preachers and they figured that would suffice. It does not. This is […]

Who Am I in God’s eyes?


I strongly believe that in the heart of every human being God has bestowed a deep desire to know him and discover who he calls us to be. It may be easily said, but in reality, we can see that becoming the person God knows we are, is a lengthy and uncomfortable process. I want […]

What to Do When God Says No?

Lonely black woman near window thinking about something

“God knows better than we do, and his ‘no’ is always merciful, even when it hurts.” For anyone that is experiencing a ‘NO’ from God, your response shouldn’t be, “Why the no God?” ask God “What are you showing me?” By asking God “What” it automatically forces you to pursue Him more earnestly. This is […]