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10 Things to do Before 2021


You may be trying to figure out why decluttering your life is something to do before the year ends. The truth is that decluttering can be beneficial to you in many ways. Don’t forget about decluttering your social media as well. Make sure the images and people you follow bring positivity into your realm. The saying goes something like this: “Clean home, clear mind.” The benefits don’t just stop there, it increases happiness and reduces stress. Be conscious that physical things carry energy. Getting rid of physical things in your life that no longer bring you value will allow you to feel lighter and embody an abundant energy. Your mind will finally gain inner peace from a less cluttered environment.

Create Space for Mental Rehabilitation

This year has been rough on many. Restoring the mind isn’t achieved effortlessly, it takes work. Get a journal and get back in touch with emotions that haven’t been dealt with. Use journaling as a way to soothe the chaos. This is also a great way to develop self-awareness. Identify the practices that you can put into action to rehabilitate you individually. Maybe that’s recognizing you need more time to meditate, exercise or pick up a hobby that is soothing. On the other hand, it could be beneficial to you just by writing about your day and acknowledging your successes.  What that looks like for you is unique to you.

Lean into Nature


There is a bunch of research that proves that the great outdoors can have a positive effect on mood disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress. Do a quick google search to find some hiking trails, parks or arboretums and plan an afternoon of exploring. Studies have found a correlation between a person’s stress level and their proximity to  green spaces.

Try Something New

Go out of your way to expose yourself to new things. Often the thought of trying a new thing is over shadowed by routines or the self-sabotaging thought of I can’t. If you reimagine that this new thing is merely you experiencing something different, it becomes a little less scary. Trying new things allow you to diminish fears and realize that these new experiences are life changing.

Practice Gratitude

The practice of gratitude is directly connected to wellness. When it’s practiced regularly people experience more positive emotions, sleep better and even develop stronger immune systems. Are you wondering how do you practice gratitude? Focus on two key components. First affirm the good things that you’ve received. Secondly, acknowledge the role other people play in providing your life with goodness.

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Set Realistic Goals

Write down three main goals that you are looking to achieve. Think of them as your manifestation goals. When you write goals down it gives you direction and purpose in life. Make sure you address areas of your life that you really want to manifest change. Make the goal tangible. You want to see a physical result once the goal is achieved. Keep in mind this may mean adding goals to your manifest list once you achieve the smaller ones.


“I am always on the right path.”  Write down affirmations that can serve as reminder to you. Especially when inner doubt finds its way in your head. Affirmations can help you overcome the inner critic that we all have. They can be empowering and help you change your self-talk.


What did you learn this year? Lessons come from the challenges that you’ve been through. This is an opportunity to use these lessons to do good in your future. Write down what you learned in 2020 and integrate what you’ve learned into 2021. For example, if you discovered something was draining your energy in 2020 you can now use this data to develop strategies that won’t allow it to reoccur.

Let it Go

Forgive and release anything that is holding you back. This can be tough especially when what’s holding you back is not just past experiences, but people. If you have areas in your life that you are ashamed of or feel resentment towards try to release it. When you forgive you actually set yourself free. You’re able to live your life now and move forward instead of living your life dictated by what happened in the past. There is a huge difference.

Plan Your Investments

How do you plan to make your money work for you in 2021? This was the year of pivots, layoffs, new entrepreneur ventures investmentsand setbacks, but there is still time to make a plan. Does that look like taking a training course to learn a new skill or certification? Maybe it means reinvesting in your business to scale it, purchasing a house or starting the business idea you came up with during the pandemic. Take some time to reflect on what that looks like for your individual situation.

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