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Ten Things to Stop Doing Now

STOP! We’re halfway through the year!! Yes, already. I know we’re still navigating through the challenges and opportunities of this year, but it’s a perfect time to reevaluate our habits and behaviors. Why? Because there are some things we need to work on. Shoot, we might need to stop it altogether.  Let’s step back and consider what might be holding us back from living our best lives.



  1. Stop Jumping To Conclusions

    The internet first got on the scene in 1983 and has since undergone a metamorphosis, emerging as the MVP of the global arena. We’ve witnessed a remarkable evolution from those wobbly dial-up beginnings to the seamless realm of Wi-Fi connectivity. We’re interconnected unprecedentedly, with an entire universe of information at our fingertips. However, the internet’s content is shaped by humans; let’s face it: humans can be unreliable. Where am I going with this? Stop your blind trust in everything that pops up in the vast expanse of the ONLINE REALM!!  It’s rather ironic that in this era of boundless information, the skill of verifying facts seems to be fading away. Nowadays, anyone can whip up a meme and toss it into the social media maelstrom. But let’s not confuse cleverness with accuracy. Often, context is conveniently overlooked, leading to hasty judgments. It’s time to pause and reconsider before jumping to conclusions.




  2. Stop Policing Women’s Bodies

    Ah, the eternal quest for women’s autonomy, the right to govern one’s own vessel, also known as the human body. A place where societal norms and expectations have historically held sway, dictating the hemlines, how we speak, and even what we do with our bodies. But let’s think about this, shall we? What if we were to declare an end to this self-appointed body policing brigade? Imagine a world where people’s epidermal canvases aren’t subject to the opinions of outsiders. Women can decide for themselves what’s right for their bodies without scrutiny. The thought here is to dismantle the chains of judgment. It’s about granting each body, each woman, the role of curator, designer, and sovereign ruler over their own physical narrative. It’s not merely a notion; it’s a transformation in perception. So stay out of it, government.



  3. Stop Making Everything a Thing
    It seems you can’t state your feelings on things or do a project without someone saying you’re being anti. Even if what you said was taken out of context. It’s this curious dance of interpretation and misinterpretation, where the threads of creativity are woven into a web of perspectives, each resonating differently with every person. Quite frankly, some folks are not minding their business, like Jennifer Aniston throwing Jamie Foxx under the bus or British actress Tracy-Ann Obermann’s shaming Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Leonard Bernstein and comparing his prosthetic nose to black face ( that irked me). Sometimes, no deeper meaning is being made. To quote Michael Jackson, people just “wanna be startin’ somethin’.”Stop_AI_giphy
  4. Stop Being Scared

    AI is here to stay whether we like it or not. The fear that shrouds this emerging technology is a shadow cast by the unknown, a domain where our imaginations sometimes detour. Embrace the shift in this perspective: AI allows us to unravel complexities by providing the thoughts. It’s not always accurate, though, so still do research. As we venture into this landscape, let’s remember that AI’s capabilities are essentially extensions of our own, a blend of human logic and machine precision. With that being said, going back to people being unreliable, it’s not about being scared of AI. It’s about creating laws to protect people’s identities and false perceptions of people. Depending on what industry you’re in, renegotiating contracts, price points, and job responsibilities is something else that should be considered.



  5. Stop, Everything Is Not A Universe

    An intriguing routine emerges in the canvas of modern entertainment, and it’s none other than the “universe” phenomenon. Thanks MCU! Marvel’s intricate web of narratives has spun a cosmic symphony where stories interlace to form interconnected tales. Many things coexist all at once. Even Meta (aka Facebook) is working on a metaverse. Yet, in this age where imagination is at its zenith, do we need to immerse ourselves in a simulated reality? Outside of the MCU and the DCU, can other projects stop creating universes? It’s not needed. Not everything needs to take us to another world.



  6. Stop Copying and Pasting

    A cascade of behaviors subtly influenced by these digital tides. But amidst this flood, can we arise with originality and uniqueness? Peculiarity? Reclaiming the essence of self-expression in its unadulterated form. Basically, we see a trend and re-do it to death! As trends march in a rhythmic procession, the allure of mimicry takes hold. When we should summon the courage to reshape these trends into our narratives. Some trendy things, like a dance trend, can be repurposed, but you should put your spin on others, not do the same old thing. This even applies to what is considered trendy in fashion. Everyone is rocking the same thing, from hair to clothes. A select few do their own thing, and it’s so refreshing to see that.



  7. Stop Hush Melodies, Bring Back The Belters

    Digital airwaves still cradle the harmonies of musical expression. But a fascinating trend has emerged: the allure of hushed melodies. Why does this silence veil the crescendo of power notes, as if the vocal heavens are out here tiptoeing along a path paved with muted resonance? Look, I think music today is good and I don’t think these newer artists are incapable of power notes but are following the trend path. But In this grand composition of sound, let’s welcome the kaleidoscope of vocal diversity, puhlease. 



  8. Stop Buying This

    NFTs seem to be at a steady pace of losing value. I never jumped on the bandwagon to begin with because even at its conception, it seemed weird to me. Tokens, once heralded as digital value, now experience the ebb of their worth. First, the initial surge of enthusiasm saw many creators and collectors diving head first into this market. Yet, as the fervor subsides and the market matures, the allure of exclusivity diminishes slightly. Let’s not overlook the fickle winds of taste and trends.
    Just as artistic movements rise and fall, the allure of NFT creators and their offerings can wax and wane.



  9. Stop Toxic People

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but extracting toxins from your life is not always easy. Talking with people who spread negativity can leave you feeling drained and upset. It doesn’t matter if the person is a close family member or an old childhood friend; it’s better to keep your distance if they make you feel bad after talking to them. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and make you feel better around them. And if you’re the one spreading the negativity, then it’s time to do the work to change that so you have a better outlook.



  10. Stop Not Taking A Break

    The world is way more distracting nowadays. Social media keeps everything front and center and everyone talking at you. I know I’m not the only one who shows up on social media and says, “stop talking to me,” when faced with mental exhaustion. So what we’re going to stop doing is not pausing for the cause, and that cause is YOU. Put on the DND for social, close down that computer, and put the phone away. No matter how big or small the break is do it for you. Rest your mind from the constant rigamarole of the digital routine and give it something new to focus on. You’ll be surprised by the benefits that can come from this. 

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