Shaun King

Shaun King wants your money again

American writer and activist, Shaun King who uses social media to promote social justice causes, including the Black Lives Matter movement is asking for your money again.

King is reportedly hospitalized with a back injury, NewsOne first reports.

In an Instagram post, King says “Most days I’m asking for help for someone else, but today I’m asking for some help for myself. ⁣As you can see, I’ve been in the hospital a lot – trying anything can to relieve the excruciating pain I’m experiencing after a lifetime of spinal injuries. ⁣I’ve now been diagnosed with something called occipital neuralgia, which is actually the worst pain I’ve experienced in my adult life. It’s so extreme that my own doctor and others that have experienced this warned me of the suicidal ideation that often accompanies it. It’s that bad. ⁣”

With predominantly black followers and supporters, he is asking for his community to come together and help pay for his medical procedures. In the post-Shaun says that his insurance will not cover several of his procedures.

“And I just can’t afford to do them on my own, but I damn sure refuse to stay like this”, King says.


Over 20 years ago Shaun King says that he was the victim of a hate crime in Versailles, Kentucky. CNN who originally outed the story in 2015 says a charge was brought against King after lying about the situation when he was a high school student.

King said he was beaten by a “racist mob of rednecks” so badly that he missed almost two years of school while recovering from fractures to his face and ribs as well as severe injuries to his spine.

According to CNN, a Forbes magazine profile released on the story called it “one of the first registered hate crimes” in Kentucky history.

Cnn shares quotes that were given by Shaun King describing the incident,
“In March of 1995, it all boiled over and a racist mob of nearly a dozen students beat me severely, first punching me from all sides, then, when I cradled into a fetal position on the ground they stomped me mercilessly, some with steel-toed boots, for about 20 seconds,” King says that he had fractures in his face and ribs, but the most badly damaged was his spine. “I ended up having three spinal surgeries and missed 20 months of school over it. My entire family endured this deeply painful time in my life ranging from the surgeries, the brutal recovery, physical therapy, and professional counseling. It was rougher than my words will ever do justice.”


in 2020, King was repeatedly accused of essentially scamming people out of their money, whether it be allegedly skimming off donations to the activist causes for himself or selling clothing and supposedly not delivering the products. King has never been convicted in a court of law but the Daily Beast did take a look at his non-profit in 2022. Many tweets can be seen diminishing Shaun King’s name to go along with these scams.



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