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Quality Time WITH God

Spending time with God is the key to our success and strength in all areas of life. – Joyce Meyer

How does one relate to a God that they cannot see with their physical eyes? By experiencing Him relationally, in a supernatural way-in Spirit and in truth.

As carnal beings we yearn and strive for relationships, friendships, partnerships, collaborations, marriages, and the like with family, friends, and ordinary people everyday. We crave things like love, loyalty, and the utmost respect from individuals who are just as lost, complex, confused, broken, complicated, and fragile as we are. Yet we want to get to know all about them. Their strengths, weaknesses, lifelong dreams and goals, fears, triggers, childhood traumas, and things of that nature. And what better way to grow closer to someone? That’s right you guessed it-through quality time!

And guess what? God wants to spend quality time with You too! Just you and Him. One on One. Mono e Mono.

BELOVED, DID YOU KNOW that spending time with God is never a waste of time? Yet on the contrary, we as His People waste a vast majority of our time refusing to spend quality time with Our Father, The Father of All Time! My brothers, my sisters, why is it that we expend and exhaust so much of our time, talent, effort, and energy to make time for everybody and they mama, alongside everything else, but when it comes to giving God some of His time back we have every excuse in the world as to why we can’t or shall I say we simply won’t spend some of the time that he created on Him.

Are You Too Busy, Too Important For God?

Hear me and hear me good because I’m about to drop a bombshell on you. You listening? Okay good I got you right where I want you. While I was writing this piece, God gave me revelation. He told me to tell you that He is not a God of routine or convenience. We cannot simply fit him in or pencil him into our busy schedule or check Him off of our “to do list.” That’s where we go wrong. God cannot be confined or defined by a calendar or a simple moment in time.

The devil, distractions, and thy inner self all whisper, “You’re too busy. You’re Too Important. GOD?! You don’t have time for God and God doesn’t have time for you. He’s too busy doing God Stuff. Forget about that. Forget. About Him. You Gotta Go Get The Bag, Remember?”  We’re all guilty of this, LORD KNOWS I AM! Oftentimes, I find myself putting God on the back burner. I find myself being so wrapped up and even consumed by my own busyness that I forget to MAKE GOD A PRIORITY above my business and my so called “busyness.”

Busyness vs Business

Ask yourself, Have I become too busy for God? Have I made an altar around my business and made the spirit of busyness my god?

So, outside of busyness, making time for everything and everyone else, what keeps us from experiencing Oneness with God? The answer is simple: SIN.
Earlier in the article I stated that in order to have a relationship with God it must and can be only supernaturally. John 4:24 of The Amplified Bible reads that “God is spirit [the Source of life, yet invisible to mankind], and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

So, you see this verse right here my brothers and sisters, this verse right here tells us everything we need to know about “having relations” WITH God. It is solely because of our carnality, our flesh, our overall sinful nature, that stands in the way of us walking hand in hand with having the peace of God and peace with God! None of this however has ever stopped God from loving you, desiring you, yearning for a deeper connection with him.

Drawing Near

James 4:8-10, NKJV, says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. When you pull God close, He’ll hold you even closer. Our Father is a 7DF59A2A-8F17-4D1F-A6D8-E1BA5C9FCBDBGentleman, he’ll never force Himself unto us. You have to want Him by pursuing Him.YOU HAVE TO WANT HIM! You have to hunger and thirst after Him spiritually, consciously and intentionally just like you hunger and act thirsty over that lil nappy-headed boyfriend or ratchet girlfriend of yours. HAAAAA!

In order to have time WITH God, you must first make time for God spiritually, consciously, and intentionally.

The Benefits Of Having God

Outside of our souls deserving eternal damnation, the reward of having God as the chief cornerstone of our lives is endless. Thanks be unto God that He doesn’t treat us in the manner in which we deserve because baybayyy we’d all be doomed. I’M. JUST. SAYING. Our Father is kind, merciful, gracious, and oh so patient with us. Now this doesn’t mean we can take Him for granted (even though we still do anyways, EVERYDAY) and yet He still desires us in spite of our shortcomings, carnality, and iniquities.

He is Our Eternal Lover. He is A Keeper. A Protector. A Peace Giver. Our Safe Haven. Whatever and Whoever You Need Him To Be He is That, then some and so much more! For He Alone, Is Our All in All.

What does it mean to spend time with God? Spending time with God means EVERYTHING because He is Everything! DID YOU KNOW that the more time you spend with God the more you’ll discover about how faithful and awesome He is and how fearfully, wonderfully, and marvelously made you are? Or in other words, KNOW GOD, KNOW THYSELF!

Believe it or not, there are so many ways to spend time with God. God is A God of Relationship so each and every relationship God has with His Children is one-of-a kind and unique. There is no generic way to spend time with God! Below you will find a short list that I composed of ways to spend time with your Heavenly Father.

10 Ways To Spend  Quality Time With God:

  1. Sitting still in His Presence.( Ex:Sometimes I silently lay in my bed while staring at the ceiling and think about how faithful He has been to me even when I was unfaithful to Him!)
  2. Listening to praise and worship music. If you’re unfamiliar to praise music you can simply google, YouTube or even ask Siri for suggested gospel artists/songs/selections.
  3. Talk To God. When was the last time you spoke to your Father? God is a speaking God. He yearns for conversation with you. He wants to hear from you.
  4. Attending church or an online/local Bible study. Fellowshipping with other believers strengthens the Body of Christ.
  5. Exploring nature. God’s Beauty is all around us. For He alone is The Creator of Everything AND Everyone.In the skies above, in the animals, the trees. Open up your eyes and see for yourself.
  6. Walking with God. In order to walk with God you must learn how to walk away from the world and in order to walk hand in hand with Him.
  7. Prayer. When you pray, you’re literally dialing into Heaven’s Hotline.Imagine God kneeling down to hear from you, His Marvelous Creation! Oh what a joy and complete honor!
  8. Fasting. As a believer, this is one of, if not, the most important aspects of becoming One with God. Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. When you fast you are literally crucifying your flesh awhile challenging your carnality to bow down, serve, and obey God.
  9. Reading your Bible. Jesus left us Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth so in order for you and I to truly understand God and the calling He placed on your life we must hunger and thirst after righteousness which can be found by simply reading His Word. The Bible has over 2000 translations. One of my favorite is the Amplified Bible Version because it literally breaks down the Bible in “layman’s terms.”
  10. Giving Your Life, Your Gifts, Skills and Talents Back To Him. God has placed greatness inside of YOU! What are you doing with what He gave you to bring about change into His world. 
    “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”  —Jeremiah 29:13

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