IPO Stocks of 2020 That Show Some Promise

It has been an interesting time for most tech companies who debuted an IPO, as the market is currently hot and has attracted the attention of investors during the holidays.

This month, companies saw major growth in their stocks during the IPO debuts of 2020. As of today, some major winners came out on top since announcing their market involvement, while some others have left shareholders uncertain about the future – a post-pandemic life.

airbnb-inkdrop-adobeOne apparent company to shock the market was Airbnb’s successful IPO debut on December 10th. Most analysts found the stock rise to be a bit of a surprise as it soared strangely during a disheartening 9-month pandemic and quiet hospitality industry.

Pre-pandemic the desire and luxury to be able to travel and stay at someone else’s livable space brought Airbnb many admirers, but as owners close their doors to strangers the stock revenue may look to change, casting doubt on potential investors ready to buy.

Airbnb’s debut began at a $68 public offering and now stands at about $167.60 per share, showcasing a 146% increase.

Among others to cash in before the year-end were tech companies Snowflake and Unity, which experts say they expect a great return for investors as the stocks grow in the market.


Like Airbnb, DoorDash recorded much gain on their most recent IPO as many restaurants sought help for providing delivery services to otherwise pick up/takeout dining. With little options to remain afloat and others having no choice to shut down their food business in 2020, the transversal door service seemed like a temporary (or long-term) savior.

Although, a recent law that passed in California will now bring some challenges to the stock’s growth and the company’s business strategy. Today, DoorDash IPO price stands at about $145 with an 8% drop after the announcement was made. 

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