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In Her Empowerment and Style Era: Hillary Super Becomes CEO of Savage X Fenty

In an exciting development for the fashion industry, Savage X Fenty has chosen former Anthropologie CEO, Hillary Super, to lead the brand starting June 26th. Hillary Super brings a new and fresh perspective to the fashion brand. This article explores the appointment of Hillary Super as CEO of Savage X Fenty and dives into the future of the brand.

Savage X Fenty’s Commitment to Empowerment:

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty challenges traditional beauty standards. The brand also continues to promote inclusivity in the fashion industry. Super’s deep-rooted and displayed values of diversity, inclusivity, and body positivity have positioned her to lead the brand.

“She is a strong leader and is focused on taking the business to an even higher level,” Rihanna, who will take on the role of executive chair, said in an interview with Vogue Business.

Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry:

Rihanna changed the beauty industry when she launched her Fenty Beauty line with LVMH. Starting off with 40 different shades of foundation, the brand has set a new standard. Now, consumers expect inclusivity from major beauty brands. The brand encourages merging brands to follow in suit of Savage X Fenty. Now expanding, the brand has 50 foundation shades and 50 corresponding concealers. Rihanna also launched her Fenty fashion label in partnership with LVMH. She has become the first black woman to lead a brand owned by the luxury conglomerate. This marked the first time that LVMH has launched a fashion brand from scratch since Christian Lacroix.

Like Rihanna, Hillary Super has made significant contributions to the industry throughout her career. She has forwarded Anthropologie as their CEO. Hillary Super has also lead brands like American Eagle, Guess, Gap, and Old Navy. Her experience has given her a keen eye for trends and change. This makes her the ideal candidate to lead Savage X Fenty’s future. The brand continues to change the fashion industry’s perception.

Expanding the Reach of Savage X Fenty:

One of Hillary’s objectives as CEO of Savage X Fenty is to expand the brand to a wider audience. She plans to leverage digital marketing strategies. These new strategies will enhance customer engagement and bring the brand to new heights of success. Hillary Super better positions the brand, connecting and strengthening its online presence.

Emphasizing Sustainability and Ethical Practices:

Sustainability continues to be an important consideration in the fashion industry. That said, Hillary Super is committed to upholding ethical practices. She aims to continue integrating sustainability and proper production methods into the brand’s operation. By doing so, Savage X Fenty will contribute to a more environmentally conscious future, appealing to consumers who prioritize sustainability in their fashion choices.

Savage X Fenty is set to take on an exciting new chapter. Hillary Super’s extensive fashion experience, dedication to empowerment, and commitment to sustainability positions her as the ideal candidate to propel the brand forward. As the brand continues to redefine beauty standards, promote inclusivity, and embrace sustainability, the fashion world awaits the groundbreaking changes that will occur from this dynamic partnership.

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