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Hydrating in Beauty

When it comes to beauty products we tend to stick with what we know. We are hydrating in beauty this summer. Lets get out of our comfort zone! New products are exquisite! its extremely important to stay hydrated. Its not a sin to pack your favorite hydrating products. Even if its as small as a weekend get away “PACK IT”. The importance of drinking was applies to the outer body as well. 

Why do you think some of your favorite celebrities are aging so gracefully. They’re probably drinking water and hydrating the skin. Taking a small part of your beauty routine isn’t gonna hurt. If your anything like me I will stop everything and make sure I’m glazed up like a donut. Well not really glazed but you get the picture. Feeling good and looking good goes along way, that’s why its called fashion and beauty. I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite beauty products from head to toe.



First brand I would like to introduce is Necessaire. This brand  has it all, body exfoliate, body gel, body serum, body oil, body lotion, and deodorant. They have other products, but these are my go too. Four different scents that includes sandle-wood, eucalyptus, bergamot, and for the super sensitive skin fragrance free. I have tried each scent and they all are pretty light scented. The best part about the brand is the small formula of natural products. Clean, vegan, cruelty free, essential oil blends, with an option for scent free “wow”. One last thing I just read on their webpage that “1% earth tax to environmental non-profits fighting to defend our air, water, land and wildlife world-wide”. You have to love it, check out there website for more products at necessaries.com.

CeraVe face wash & moisturizer 

cerve new beauty

I have been using this amazing product for years and I see improvement with each use. CeraVe offers different formulas. Myself for instance use CeraVe Foaming facial Cleanser. This particular formula works for me because I have combination skin. Removing dirt and impurities, without the disruption of the skin barrier. I live by this product. If I try new products, I always keep this product as my main facial cleanse. Second product from this brand I use daily is the CeraVe moisturizing Cream. Beauty at its best. Its a thick formula but extremely light, these products are also unscented. We shouldn’t use harsh scents on our skin, especially the face. Try what products work for you at Cerave.com or any of your nearby drugstores. 

Best Life Organics

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 4.24.48 PM

Hydrating in beauty for sure! Its always nice to have a body butter that 100%  nourish the skin. From my neck down I will be shinning like that glazed donut I mentioned earlier. They did right by creating pleasant products for the body. Extremely refreshing and easy to go on the skin. Another brand that is non toxic, cruelty free ingredients. This brand keeps it simple as well with there highest quality ingredients. Organic is always a plus in my book so bravo I will forever be a customer. They also have other products that may work for you but I am a big fan of the body butters. If you stop by their webpage you can see exclusive products and retail stock list.   

Sio beauty 


I love Sio beauty. I would consider them to be one of the higher end of my beauty products. The focus with Sio is the anti aging formulas in each product. Not just anti aging but for sure hydrating. They cater to all ages and that I love. Age isn’t nothing but a number skin is skin and we all must treat is with nothing but delagancy. I use Sio Cyro Energy Serum in my nighttime  face routine. Im sure the other products are amazing but this is literally my favorite. Anti aging skin and hydrating skin creates nothing but lavish skin. When I use this product along with my other products I feel refreshed and bright. You can pair the Cyro energy serum with the cryodrop facial massager. What a duo! for you’re at home spa treatment visit siobeauty.com. Use promo code RAE15 to receive a discount on your next order. 

At the end of the day we are hydrating in beauty products all day. I understand we have our daily routines but lets spice it up a bit and add something new. What we all can agree on is that hydrating the skin is an important step to our morning and nightly routine. Not just products but eat healthy and drink plenty of water to continue a beautiful balance skin. thank you for letting me share some of my favorite beauty products with you. See something you like? Check out the product links in the bio.

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