Gia Peppers In InClub Magazine Volume 7

Gia Peppers In InClub Magazine

Gia Peppers fresh off NYC Culture Con continues to amplify magical, solidifying herself as a leading face of the WE. We are the ones who we’ve been waiting for. The WE, simply put, are those who boldly strive to leave a footprint in the fresh cement of the culture. Shaping our narrative, telling our stories with a voice and veracity that only we can. The WE are those that thrive with excellence, and awareness that the door is not just for them to get through, but to take down. WE have arrived. We are the ones; we’ve been waiting for. To acknowledge this is not hyperbole, or arrogance. It is a beckon, an arousal of a need to act now! To do, to be, to say, to correct, to cultivate the space for proper representation.

The whiz kid herself Gia Peppers has some news for you, she’s apart of the We and she’s in good company and bringing more to the party. In this fun, passionate conversation with this bomb, beautiful, driven powerhouse, we discuss who else is the we, the journey she’s on, and where her help comes from.

“I grew up watching Free and all these other amazing host able to parlay their hosting gigs into more lucrative and creative ideas so I always had that in the back of my mind.”

Gia Peppers is an multi hyphenated professional; When I announced to our crew at InClub Magazine, with so much excited that we were including Gia Peppers in the next issue, everyone references her differently. Oh she’s an on-air talent, entertainment journalist, live event host and podcaster.

But like Gia points out, “Most people Associate me with inspirational factors. It is humbling I have a platform to help people go after their dreams.”

Gia would not only inspire people she would become an entertainment mainstay, after becoming one of the only women of color to host in the NBA, when she became the in-arena host for her hometown Washington Wizards for 4 years. You might want Gia on your fantasy team, she could name just about every notable Wizard ever as she laughs stating her love of sports and basketball.


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