Fighting Cancer in Philadelphia with a Legacy of Hope


Legacy of Hope is a non-profit organization that is innovating change. Founded by CEO Michael Rowe, the Philadelphia non-profit provides groceries for cancer patients. Among one of the many prominent leaders involved in the operations of the organization is Philly’s own Quincy Harris. Needless to say, this organization is indeed essential. Legacy of hope assists those who are unable to work or bring in finances necessary to take care of household needs. The organization also has the backing of several important entities within the Philadelphia area including the Philadelphia Police Dept, Brown’s ShopRite and the Kimmel Cancer Center. They’ve also incorporated running and a special line of locally brewed beer which sends proceeds towards their cause. Additionally, the non-profit is sowing into the future by running a mentorship program to mentor the youth. Also, this organization aids in the progression of cancer research.

Here’s Why It Matters:

Individuals impacted by cancer endure mental, emotional and physical change. Changes that happen take time for patients to adjust to and require support from loved ones. There are so many changes that take place during chemo therapy and during the body’s attempt to fight cancer. Understandably, a patient’s employment status and social involvement would change. It also helps that the program has its own scientific research group dedicated to researching new ways to eradicate cancer. Dr. William Kelly (head Oncologist at Jefferson Hospital) leads this group of scientists. Philadelphia residents are normally advised about the program by their physicians. This type of support goes a long way to boost hope in patients and helps give the charge they need to fight their battle against cancer.

Getting Involved:

Non-profit organizations are essential to building better communities. Obviously, Legacy of Hope will need the support of the community to continue to thrive. Here’s how you can make a difference.

Donate to their cause or set aside time to volunteer. Contact the organization to see if you qualify to assist with mentoring in their mentorship program. Or simply become a member.
Visit their site Legacy of Hope Philadelphia and help implement change.

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