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Celebrities Under the Hogwarts Sorting Hat

TheGryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin aren’t just random words but also the distinguished houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. While many of us have loved discovering our own Hogwarts house, have we ever wondered where our favorite celebrities would belong? Prepare to uncover the truth as we delve into the world of celebrity houses. Each star has been carefully sorted into their respective houses based on the unique traits of each one.



Bravery and Chivalry

Lady Gaga

With a steady spirit for taking on new challenges, she never shies away from pushing her boundaries. Lady Gaga has fearlessly reinvented herself time and again. From donning an all-meat dress to championing causes through her powerful voice, she embodies the courage that defines Gryffindors.

Halle Berry

We have witnessed a more intimate side of this captivating Hollywood star in recent years. A true-born performer, Halle Berry fearlessly embraces risks and consistently delivers mesmerizing performances. Her strong-willed demeanor emanates the essence of Gryffindor, a house known for its fierce and courageous individuals. It’s safe to say she would feel right at home among the brave and bold.

Los Angeles Premiere Of “The Harder They Fall”

Jigga! Hov! Honestly, it seems like Jay-Z’s current alias is simply Jay-Z. As a true businessman, he embodies the qualities of adventure and optimism essential in the world of entrepreneurship, known for its ups and downs. His diverse ventures and expansion beyond rap demonstrate his bravery and determination, aligning perfectly with the spirit of Gryffindor.


Loyalty and Hardworking

Dwayne Johnson

A diligent and committed individual who extends a helping hand whenever he can. Dwayne Johnson’s interactions with fans, friends, and family always make us smile. Dwayne displays the values of Hufflepuff, highlighting fair play, compassion, and hard work. So, whenever he shares glimpses of his life with us, he reaffirms these qualities and inspires us to do the same.

Donald Glover

Donald Glover radiates creativity. Therefore, he is beyond mere talent and contains a multitude of artistic abilities. Furthermore, he is diligent and devoted to pioneering new forms of storytelling. His commitment to innovation aligns with the values of Hufflepuff, the most accepting and inclusive house at Hogwarts. With open arms, they would embrace his unique quirks and celebrate his contributions to the world of creativity.


While Rihanna reigns as the queen of clap backs against those who overstep, there’s another side to her that reveals empathy and generosity. These qualities are highly esteemed in the Hufflepuff House. Furthermore, her originality and uniqueness would forge a powerful connection with fellow Hufflepuffs, as they appreciate and celebrate individuality.



Wit and Learning

Selena Gomez

Her caring and nurturing nature shines through in her interactions with fans and her mature handling of favorable and unfavorable attention. Selena Gomez embodies the qualities of intelligence and creativity synonymous with Ravenclaw. Her ability to effortlessly navigate between music and acting showcases her versatility and scope of talent.

Keke Palmer

This woman has been on an unstoppable rise, captivating us with her wit and flawless appearance. She represents perfection in every aspect, from impeccable hair to perfect makeup. Ravenclaw celebrates creative thinkers, analytical minds, and quick wit, which perfectly aligns with Keke Palmer’s attributes. Not only is she talented, but she is also hardworking, continuously creating content and releasing great music videos.

Harry Styles

He exudes a free-spirited nature and emanates a sense of deep understanding. Harry Styles unique individuality and boundless creativity perfectly align with the values cherished in the house of Ravenclaw. As a talented songbird and fashion enthusiast, he would undoubtedly find his place among like-minded individuals in the realm of Ravenclaw. 



Cunning and Ambition

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar exemplifies intelligence, resourcefulness, and adaptability. Beyond these remarkable qualities, he retains the sharp wit and quick thinking perfect for thriving in Slytherin’s house. Slytherins are known for their cunning nature, and Kendrick has a unique ability to set himself apart from the crowd, making him a natural leader who could excel in any endeavor he chooses to pursue.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is undeniably likable and possesses a clever wit. His charismatic nature and knack for resourcefulness align perfectly with the traits associated with the Slytherin House. Slytherins are known for their ambition and cunning, and Ryan presents these qualities through his philanthropic efforts and his ability to lead. Despite his fame, he maintains privacy, allowing us to see only what he wants us to see. Slytherin would undoubtedly be a fitting home for Ryan Reynolds.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama A woman who has put in the work and achieved remarkable success. Some may find it surprising that she’s in this house, but she perfectly represents ambition, hard work, and persistent determination. As the forever FLOTUS and a true powerhouse, she displays the qualities associated with the House of Slytherin. Slytherin values power and success and seeks out natural-born leaders, which aligns perfectly with Michelle Obama’s inspiring journey.

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