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8 Ways to Strengthen your Faith

Often times when you are spiritually weakened and in need of strength, finding ways to flex your faith looks almost impossible.  Somehow you’ll be challenged to dig deep even in the midst of your doubt to search for the tools that God has left to assist you in rebuilding. No matter how weak your faith is, God has the power to strengthen you. Here are some ways to develop a strong faith.


Read the WordIMG_8306

To learn anything you must read. What does the Bible make clear?  “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17 NKJV). You’re feeding your spirit by reading the word, you’re learning and strengthening your faith. This verse distinctly tells us that we can’t know God without hearing God. You can’t hear God without spending time getting to know Him. By spending time reading your Bible daily your faith and relationship with God is strengthened. The Bible is like a power source, it helps to point you back to the foundation of your faith, Christ.

IMG_8304Heed It

The same measure of faith it took for you to come to know Christ is what’s needed to strengthen your faith. When you fail to heed what you’re reading or ignore what you’ve learned, your faith can become stagnant. James 1:22-24 says, “For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror” (NKJV).  You see yourself, walk away, and forget what you look like.

Know ItIMG_8305

Don’t just memorize the Bible scriptures or blindly accept what others say, even if they sound as if they know what they’re talking about. To make your faith stronger you have to examine the word for yourself. When you know the word, you can discern truth from lies.

IMG_8307Live it

The commitment to living a God first life is up to you. You’ve got to become stronger than you were yesterday by using what you know. As you apply God’s word to your everyday life you’ll deepen your walk and strengthen your faith. The actual Christian life that you were called to requires you to behave, react, respond and to be an example of Christ. It takes work and it must be intentional.

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PrayIMG_8308 (1)

God isn’t looking for you to formulate a stellar speech more than He’s yearning for you to simply have a heart to heart conversation with Him.  We have this preconceived notion that if our prayer doesn’t sound like the Pastor’s, Missionary, Evangelist or Deacons that it’s just not good enough or won’t be heard.

Prayer is a fundamental part of strengthening your faith. It’s your one on one time to submit your doubts and worries, ask for help and rejoice in the goodness of God. Praying daily allows you to deepen your relationship with Him. It shows God you’re relying and trusting in Him. Through revealing your heart through prayer every day you are strengthening the connection necessary to increase your faith.


Find your tribe. Being around other believers that you can share your Christian journey with can help support you. Let’s face it, when you’re weak it’s difficult to find strength, and that’s ok. That saying  “it takes a village” doesn’t only apply to raising children. Being a part of a church or fellowship group is a great way to walk with God and gain strength through seeing others and their faith in Jesus.

Get InvolvedIMG_8310

James 2:14 “My dear brothers and sisters, what good is it if someone claims to have faith but demonstrates no good works to prove it?” (NKJV). Because of the gifts that you’ve been given you are valuable to God and the church. As you’re strengthening your faith, it produces a desire to help others. Serving allows you to experience his power first-hand. When you are involved you’re given a first row seat at watching God work in someone else’s life. That is powerful enough to strengthen your faith.

IMG_8311Trust Him

God calls us to stand firm in faith and continue to rely on Him (1 Corinthians 16:13).  This may be obvious but it is often the hardest to execute. Trusting God is commanded in Proverbs 3:5. Everything listed above contributes to being able to trust God with every aspect of your lives and relying on Him rather than ourselves. There is no trust without strength. Our trust in God builds our faith. Ultimately, when we are strong enough to trust Him in totality, he will not only provide all provision that you need but He’ll also give you an abundant life.

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