10-Signs of An Unhealthy Friendship

10 Signs of An Unhealthy Friendship

Making friends is hard, especially as an adult. There’s no more walking up to someone randomly and asking can you sit with them at lunch. Adult friendships take work, communication, and above all else, understanding. That’s why it can be difficult to decipher if your newfound friendship is worth keeping or letting go of. Here are 10 signs of an unhealthy friendship.

1.) The Conversation is One-sided

Is he/she constantly talking about themselves whenever you two are together? Are they neglecting your thoughts or feelings when providing feedback?

Then I am here to tell you that you may be in an unhealthy friendship.

2.) Putting you down in front of others, Always An Unhealthy Friendship

Does your “friend” make jokes about you in front of others? Maybe she reveals personal details that you’ve shared with her in group settings?

If this is happening, run. Friends don’t put each other down.

3.) Feeling bad about yourself 

Healthy friendships are the ones that make you feel good. Not the other way around.

You might be experiencing a toxic friendship if you find that your village isn’t being supportive.

4.) Being aggressively competitive

There is nothing wrong with a little competition. However, aggressively competitive people are not good for your mental health.

Being highly competitive amongst friends causes tension, the inability to effectively communicate when problems arise and so much more.

If the red flags are waving, take it for what it is, and move on to a better friend.

5.) They’re unhappy when good things happen to you

Here’s a scenario for you:

You’ve just received a new job,  when you go to share the good news, your toxic friend downplays the accomplishment that you worked so hard to achieve.

Sounds familiar?

Most of us would overlook this sign, but you don’t have to. The proof is in their actions.

 6. Sharing personal things about you

Watch what you see and who you say it to. Wait a year or two before sharing personal info, get to know them well, and develop a true friendship that is essential to an authentic relationship.


 7.) Relationships Built on Conditionality

acting or associating with you only in a certain way.

This means, for instance, if you only hang out when it comes to spending money or going to their friend’s party and bringing you only to gloat about themselves.

This is not a real friendship so, consider ending a toxic friendship.

This is someone who seeks attention from others to be seen and heard. None of the above is what you want. Anyone who holds a true friendship is there only to enjoy your company.

 8.) Talking negatively about other’s

If you have a friend who enjoys malicious gossip, well you can assume if they do it to others they do it to you too.

It is in your best interest to either bring it to their attention and tell them you are not about the gossip, find more positive friends, or end this unhealthy friendship.

9.) The Narcissistic Friend

Seek out those who uplift you and not just focus on themselves, and their negative problems.

You do not need a companion like this.

Leave this negativity alone, instead find a friend who will strengthen you and your focus to strive for things such as, goals and growth.

10.) To Have A True Friend You Must Be A Friend First

A 1-dimensional friendship is toxic.

To have a friend you must be a friend and to do this, you should be a good listener as your friend should listen and hear your thoughts too.

This is what an authentic friendship should consist of, or end this unhealthy friendship.


All of these signs will help you make sure you surround yourself with the positive people you want in your life. These signs will help guide you in understanding how to maintain a genuinely strong relationship with friends, at the same time obtaining mutual respect for one another. These 10 Signs of An Unhealthy Friendship will help to make it easier to seek and confide in the right friendships where they uplift your emerging to invest in yourself, bring out the good.

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