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10 Lies Your Parents Might Have Told You

10 Lies Your Parents Might Have Told You

Growing up in the late 90s to early 2000s, the world seemed like a great place! Your parents made a lot of promises about your bright future and gave you advice on how to secure it. Fast forward to 2022, you did all the right things and yet your life isn’t really what you thought it would be. Did our parents sell us false dreams? Did they give us bad advice? Maybe you’re having yet another crisis. No worries you are not alone. Here are 10 lies your parents might have told you that you learned to be false.

10: Education 

Lie - Graduation Fall

Truth: It’s not working out. Millennials are saddled with student debt, living under rising inflation, lack emergency funds, live in an unstable society, regularly protest prevalent injustice, struggle to stay mentally sane, lived through several historic events at once…..etc. We have the degrees, but “out” ain’t working for us.

9. Ginger ale 

Lie - Ginger ale - Medicine

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Lie: If you drink ginger ale and lay down, it will all go away.

Truth: Ginger-ale is not medicine. Actual ginger may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. However, a look at the soda label will show little ginger and lots of sugar. Our parents gave us a sugar high and forced us to lay down. Help it make sense!

8. Friends

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Lie: You can’t trust your friends.

Truth: You need friends to survive. Research has proven that friendships are linked to longevity and happiness more than familial and romantic relationships. Put the work in and maintain those friendships.

7. Tattoos

Lie - Bored Panda tattoo

Lie: You will hate your tattoos when you get older.

Truth: We’re getting older and we still love our tattoos. In the event that we do not want our tattoos anymore, we can pay to remove them. Either way, getting a tattoo is not the end of the world.

6. Marriage

Lie – wedding – best man

Lie: Marriage is the key to happiness!

Truth: The divorce rate in this country says otherwise. Happiness is a choice, and you make that choice by looking inward to yourself and upward to God.

5. Something Sweet

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Lie: Just like you need fruit and vegetables, you need oil and grease in your body.

Truth: A well-balanced diet is important. There’s nothing wrong with something sweet every now and then. Most often, this phrase was used to justify overeating. Pull out the broccoli, health is wealth.

4. Housing 

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Lie: If you buy a house you’ll be set for life.

Truth: A housing crisis before we graduated college. Inflation just when we were finally landing on our feet. A decent home is out of reach for some of us. For others, it’s proven to be a burdensome expense. To the homeowner Millennials, we salute you! It ain’t easy out here.

3. Therapy

lie-therapy-Uzo Aduba, In Treatment

Lie: Therapy is for crazy people! You don’t need to see a shrink!

Truth: You don’t need a major diagnosis to benefit from seeing a therapist. Going to therapy does not make you crazy. Still, life’s problems can be overwhelming. Therapy provides you with the tools you need to overcome mental and emotional challenges. So what are you waiting for? Go see a therapist.

2. Government 

lie – government – hotep

Lie: You can trust the government. Engage in the political process!

Truth: Trump. Insurrection. Redistricting. The casual loss of rights. Invasion of privacy. Need I say more? Our democracy is in shambles and the government is spying on us. What is there to trust?

1. “Cultural Delicacies”

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Lie: Chitlins are good.

Truth: No. Absolutely not. I do not want them here, I do not want them there. I do not want chitlins anywhere! If you eat chitlins, God Bless. Keep that energy over there.

So maybe our parents did not intend to lie to us. Maybe they were just doing the best that they could with what they had. In some cases, they were passing down knowledge that became outdated as we matured. In other instances, their advice amounted to sheer ridiculousness. Let’s continue to press on and seek the truth!

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