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A purchase goes much farther than #BUYBLACK. The world is grappling over justice, equality and a way for African Americans to rebuild Black Wall Street. What we know, now is as good a time as ever to start supporting Black Brands. It’s time to support them today, tomorrow and forever.


                                   OMGLO COSMETICS


What woman doesn’t love a good glow? Make-up artist Joelle Phillips has created an all-natural highlighting spray for melanin skin like no other on the market. Hidden in the beauty of this formula are powerful antioxidants and the restorative “marigold” that promotes fast healing and regeneration of damaged or dry skin. Did I also mention it’s also vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA. Grab a bottle to get your GLO on just in time for the summer.




Savoire FaireIMG_8304

Men we didn’t leave you out. Created by Chris Classic who isn’t only a social media influencer but a modern day renaissance man. He’s a recording artist, award songwriter, an advocate for social justice now fragrance mixologist. With his love for smell goods he’s created a line of fragrances with bold musk’s of Northern Africa. Enjoy the bottle of this fragrance in time for Father’s Day. It’s made for all of your beautiful layers




What’s there not to love about a company with a conscious? CEO Rocky Parrish, was a former sports athlete who totally understood the importance of footwear with maximum comfort. The Mississippi native developed the apparel and footwear company after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Adamant about insuring that products remain under $100, they provide quality, functionality but are stylish products. “I could not afford high priced footwear and apparel growing up and I refuse to sell such back to communities like the one I’m from.” For ROCKDEEP giving back is not an option…it’s an obligation.”




A favorite amongst many, the young designer Andrea Iyamah fueled the brand at the age of 17 to where it is today. IMG_8307From swimwear to ready-to-wear and special event dresses the brand has a little for everyone. AI is known for its eccentric and unique take on swimwear, using vibrant colors and cuts inspired by an array of African cultures. Each unique piece embraces cultural stories through their designs.



                          HONEY BLOWOUT AND MELT MAN                              

IMG_8308 (1)honeyblowoutmeltman

Carla Clarkson Beautician turned BeautyPreneur is the creator behind the brands Honey Blow Out and Melt Man. Honey Blow Out is a moisturizing hair treatment that preserves and protects hair the natural oils in the hair. A custom recipe of natural ingredients, the formula can be used as a pre-wash or deep conditioner. Men just can’t seem to get enough of her Melt Man Beard products. As a stylist for many years Carla saw the need for men to have products that would maintain moisture and softness in their beards. Made for a man by a woman, the beard and skincare is an organic blend of nutrient rich lush oils and ancient scents.





IMG_8309This leather goods and clothing company was founded by Kunmi Otitoju in 2011. Listed as one of Forbes’ 30 Young Entrepreneurs under 30, Kunmi is recognized for her ability to transform leather into distinct fine art. The inspiration behind the brand comes from the culture of West Africa, and how NOTHING is wasted. With leather’s sourced from Italy and Spain Kunmi creates the most distinct and alluring handbags, wallets and attire for women and men.



                                                                                      UOMA BEAUTY


This makeup and skincare brand invites all hues of melanin to join it’s tribe. Getting it’s name from it’s Nigerian born executive Sharon Chuter, UOMA means beautiful. Breaking down barriers through makeup is exactly what the beauty brand is doing. This isn’t just makeup, it’s makeup on a mission to empower you. UOMA’S VALUES and BELIEFS say’s it all. “Self expression – “Authentic beauty is the ultimate form of self expression” Colourful living – “We celebrate life in all its vibrancy & colour” African Pride – “We are not African because we are in Africa, we are African because Africa is in us.” Empowering Tribe – “A confident woman inspires those around her – empowered women, empower others” Inclusivity – “Every person deserves to walk into the Beauty Hall and feel inspired and included” Beautiful rebellion – “We must be bold & outspoken to challenge outdated conventions.”





Michael Grey has been making great strides ever since he started Sandal Factory 12 years ago. Though he was a designer for Roberto Cavalli, Vince Camuto and Steve Madden his love was in hand-making footwear. There wasIMG_8311 disconnect between his 9-5 and doing what he’d loved. Rather than settling Michael began to design a simple line of 10 sandals. It was there, selling his footwear on a table in the streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn is where he began. He now has 3 collections of sandals of timeless, effortless comfort and style.




Sporty, sexy and fun is what you’ll get from this activewear brand. Who doesn’t want fitness gear they can leave the gym, have lunch, or just hang out in? Zotesi is versitile and comes with a message. Zotesi means “gifted and the ability to accomplish your chosen goals.” How appropriate for a fitness industry full of people that spend season after season setting goals.




Seasoning meets chips. CEO Dondre Anderson hit a home run with his mouth watering seasoning blend passed downIMG_8314 by his father. He had no idea that it’d be an instant success when it was layered onto his all-natural, gluten-free, and MSG free gourmet chip. He’s got help with the family business. His two daughters Amira and Amari Anderson had a lot to do with the name of the brand.  “Our chips are completely original and tasteful.”  I’ve been told that there is “Sweet Symphony” in every crispy bite.


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