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Movies Coming To Theaters in July…

I have a question for you. What do you think of when you think of Summer? Sunshine, beaches, vacations, cookouts? Summer also brings on movie blockbusters. For the past year, people have been watching their favorite movies on the small screen, but that is all changing. Theaters are open and movie-goers are more than ready to buy the over-priced ticket, the over-priced popcorn and watch movies on the over-sized screen. Here are new movies coming to theaters (and streaming services) in July!

The Forever Purge

The horror – movie series where it becomes legal to kill anyone you want for one night comes to an end in this fifth installment. So if you would like to watch the United States descend into chaos – for the final time – this movie may be for you.


Theater Release Date: July 2

The Boss Baby: The Family Business

Time for a movie night out with your kids (or it can be just you – no judgement here). The two brothers are back, but this time as adults who are magically transformed back into kids for 48 hours. This sequel will for sure be a hit with the kids (or adults – once again no judgement here).


Theater Release Date: July 2

Peacock Release Date: July 2

Black Widow

After being pushed back time and time again due to Covid-19, the long-awaited conclusion to Natasha Romanoff’s story is finally hitting theaters. MCU fans won’t want to miss this as we say goodbye to our favorite superhero and are introduced to possible new ones.

black widow

Theater Release Date: July 9 

Disney+ release date with Prime Access (one time payment of $29.99): July 9

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Welcome to the Space Jam! The long awaited sequel to the 1996 classic has everyone buzzing. Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Road Runner, Granny, Lola Bunny – who will sound a bit different in this sequel thanks to the vocal stylings of Zendaya – and the rest of team are back as they team up with Lebron James to get his son back. 


Theater Release Date: July 16

HBO Max Release Date: July 16

Snake Eyes 

Of course, an origin story is necessary for a summer blockbuster. Henry Golding stars as a mysterious fighter known as “Snake Eyes” who is trained to eventually become the hero we know as G.I Joe. You can count on him having to confront his past because no hero origin story is complete without it. 

snake eyes

Theater Release Date: July 23

Jungle Cruise 

Dwanye Johnson, the hardest working man in Hollywood and Emily Blunt, the British beauty, team up for an adventure down the Amazon to discover an ancient tree with healing powers. 

jungle cruise

Theater Release Date: July 30

Disney+ Release Date with Prime Access (one time payment of $29.99) – July 30

The Green Knight 

Set in medieval times, The Green Knight is a fantasy retailing of the legend of King Arthur’s reckless nephew, Sir Gawain. Take the journey as he confronts the Green Knight, a gigantic green-skinned stranger.


Theater Release Date: July 30


M.Night Shyamalan is back with a story of a family vacation gone wrong. Imagine relaxing on a secluded beach one minute and then aging rapidly the next minute.


Theater Release Date: July 30


In conclusion, whether you want action, horror, family, or superhero – there is something for everyone! See you at the movies.

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