Maybe you were wrong about Kim Kardashian-West

Long has the story been told of Paris Hilton’s sidekick, stylist friend who became the topic of conversation in 2002 following a leaked sex tape (f-boy tendencies) by then boyfriend, recording artist Ray-J. Who was most famous for having one hit song and being the brother to superstar singer, Brandy.


One day we need to talk about the effort required to leak a sex tape back in those days. But for now let’s keep up with the Kardashian at hand. Daughter of famed O.J. Simpson trial attorney, Rob Kardashian and Kris Jenner, Kim would have no problem brushing shoulders with the Hollywood elites even without a sex tape; but especially since the sex tape.














For years this was all people associated her with, so she did the prudent thing and make a brand for herself. If people are so enamored with your life, make a show about it.

Kim would have great success in the newly cemented direction of “reality tv”. People still could not get pass the sex tape. She was said to have gotten famous because of the sex tape and to have zero talent.


Let’s chart the timeline of celebrities who have has sex tapes since Kim Kardashian- west and then compare.


shocked meme

2014, Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith staged a fake leak of their sex tape to underwhelming effects. I think it got more laughs then excitement but maybe that is what they were going for.

Kris Humphries and his ex -Myla Sinanaj… I’m going to be very honest and admit it. I have no idea who Myla Sinanaj is. But Kris Humphries is the temporary ex-husband of… wait for it, yes, you guessed it, Kim Kardashian-West. The 2000’s were a weird time. You would think he would have tried this stunt with Kim, but I guess she was not going to make two men famous off of her backside… Pun intended.

This list can get pretty exhausting, so here’s just a few others you may know; Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, no surprise there. Tyson Beckford, Colin Farrell, even politicians got in on the fun, like John Edwards, Philly’s own Eve and last but not least Paris Hilton… Yes, the one whose shadow Kim once walked in.

Sure some of these individuals are still pretty famous but I do not think anyone would argue that none of them come close to being as famous as Kim Kardashian-West.

But she has no talent?

Oh right, it’s her body, she has a booty so big, lawd have mercy.


Do I really have to make a list of all the women with big butts, even if paid for that are nowhere need the level of stardom as Kim?  I am sure you can name a tone and admit it’s not even close.

Beyoncé, but let’s be honest, only in recent years did we even know she had a big butt.


So, it’s not the sex tape, it’s not the curve what is it? It is her talent to be charming, vulnerable, relatable and revered at the same dang time. You think I’m reaching?

Humor me, Kim has accomplished soo much since her infamous sex tape, that almost 20 years later it is still the only thing people have on her.


Kim has gon on to birth the social media influencer and the template for reality tv. Yall are all her sons and daughters.

Speaking of sons and daughters, Kim is a mother and by reputation a pretty good one at that. Considering her mom is Kris and step father turned step mother Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner) that’s a pretty big deal.




She did it the old fashion way, got married had a family and birthed successful business after successful business.


Kim is not even solely a reality tv star anymore, she is a fashion icon, pop culture Phenom, and social justice activist.


Kim was the x factor in getting Alice Johnson out of prison who was doing a life sentence. As if that was not enough she helped the 64-year-old get the bag but having her take part of new shapewear campaign.


She has added her name to assist in social justice reform and have aided a number of individuals from paying legal fees to lobbying even the likes of 45.

She has also helped sound the alarm on the homelessness epidemic in L.A.


If that was not already enough, Kim added to her resume SNL where she did an outstanding monologue. How does a person with no talent do what nothing but talented people have done before? Spoiler alert, they cannot, Kim is a talent and it’s time to put the bedthe notion that she is only famous because of a sex tape or posing nude or whatever archaic excuse you can think up and admit it, she’s a talented on air personality because she has this gift of be charming, vulnerable, relatable, revered, empathic and who knew, she has great comedic timing. Put the K on respect and put respect on Mrs. Kardashian- West name.


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