Laurie Hernandez In InClub Magazine Volume 3

Laurie Hernandez In InClub Magazine

The 2016 Rio Olympics were historic!! From the representation of black and brown girls to the dominance of the same, especially in the gymnastic field. Some names that may stick out to you are Gabby Douglas, Simone Blies and Laurie Hernandez. It was an incredible display of perfection and poise.

Team USA was surely well represented, but even more represented were every black and brown girl around the globe for they had just witness a breakthrough. We had the distinct pleasure of sitting down to talk with Gold medalist Laurie Hernandez as we go over this entire journey she has embarked upon, the balance the breaking and the breakthrough, read on…spoiler Alert you may learn, you may laugh but if nothing else you will find out why we are flipping over Laurie Hernandez and you will too.

U.S. women’s gymnastics team, 2016 Olympics… Gold!  For those that had the disservice to miss such artistry take us through that experience from your point of view and color commentary.

I think being able to be a part of such a diverse gymnast team was very cool, especially for this generation to see that. It does not matter who you are and that you can do anything you set your mind to no matter what someone labels you as. The comradery was another part if not for the girls being so supportive with the girls was being so supportive and acting as a team. No one wanted anyone to fall, we wanted each other to do well and that’s why we were so successful.

You leave Rio with a lot of hardware and super stardom, appearing on shows such as Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon, the Today Show and many others; tell us a little about what that has been like and about that same young lady when the camera and bright lights are not on her. Things of interest, what you enjoy doing in downtime.

I remember my first time being on any talk show, I remember freaking out! Being so nervous. I’m more use to training and going home and going to school but going on TV talking about what had just happened to me that was new for me. The experience was amazing, next to being in the Olympics. The think the biggest thing is showing people that think the Olympics is just that period of time but it’s a lot of days and a lot of nights a lot of years and a lot hours in the gym. It did not happen overnight. So I enjoy reading a good book, watching a movie relaxing and watching a TV show and I do a lot of online shopping. That’s fun too. I did gymnastics for 11 years before the Olympics.


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